Published on June 15, 2021

Parkwad's Finest Fix-Up Pack v2!

Parkwad's Finest Fix Up Pack is a texture pack purely made to fix small things about the game's textures. This includes Invisible item frames, 'connected' glass, log-only campfires, and more!

Changed/Tweaked textures:

Connected Stained Glass, Normal Glass is just a 32x32 texture with a thin border to prevent invis block.

Cleared Campfires. None of the back charcoal.

Lowered Shield!

Classic Ores! For both the stone and deep slate! (Does not effect copper)

Invisible item frames. Glow frame is invis but still works!

Classic Rose texture for the Poppy

Spyglass now does not have extra glare/smudges!

NOTE: I also have parts to this pack because why not. Not everyone may enjoy these additions!

-Mustache Paintings

-Dark Prismarine slab has been replaced with a Path block slab!

Hope you enjoy the pack!



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  • Parkwad_Fix_Up.mcpack (96.3 MB)

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This is a really great pack! Keep up the great work!