Published on March 08, 2020 (Updated on March 27, 2020)

Parkwad's Finest Fix-Up Pack!

This Pack adds minor improvements to the default Minecraft textures! Included so far (V1.1) is connected glass, Builder's campfires, and invisible item frames. Structure Voids are less obvious when you hold the block now so you can see a bit better too! 

This pack will improve your general experience in minecraft. This is not a big overhaul or anything, This is a minor improvement to life. This works on xbox, mobile, and computer. I do not know for the other versions! The following items have been changed:

-Connected dyed glass (Normal un-dyed glass is not connected)

-Invisible item frames

-Builder's campfires. When you put a campfire out, it will only be the four logs.

-Improved Structure voids

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Updated the file used for the pack, should be valid now.


  • Parkwad-Pack_1.mcpack

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how did you make the frame invisible? what did you use (I tried to use ur texture along with mine and some blocks stuck, so I want to know how it made the frame item invisible)
Parkwad you should add a thing on your hotbar showing what your holding in your left hand like in java.
Can you make a mcpack file
Do you know if this works on bedrock for Xbox one?
I do not know how to install it to Xbox, but Xbox people can see all of the changed textures. Mobile people can see the textures too. So I assume it works on all devices.
What do y'all want a improvement to?