Published on May 08, 2021

Percy Jakson Addon

This addon "adds-on" some items, from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson book. In this addon you can mine Celestial Bronze, can craft Celestial Bronze tools, and sword, Greekfire, Nectar, Ambrosya, and the legendary sword: Anaklusmos (its friends called it Riptide). Uppper in the "Brief introduction" you can find the stats. of the items.

This Addon "adds-on":

-Celestial bronze (ore, scrap, ingot, block)

-Celestial bronze tools (pickaxe, axe, showel, sword:10 dmg)

-Anaklusmos (legendary weappon) (30 dmg)

-Greekfire: better than gunpowder and craftable (can use to craft: TNT, firewoks,)

-Ambrosia: endgame food, refill all of your hunger bar

-Nectar: endgame food, refill all of your hunger bar (other crafting)



First, you should know: Hepaistos is wery messy! Hy is pelt out his gadgets from his forge, if its goes wrong. This wreckages, made from Celestial bronze! Lets mine It out!


Firs you need to crush down this blocks to smaller pieces:

But... this is scrap... this is useless right? Melt it down, to celestial bronze ingots:

from this pure, and godly material, you can craft 3 basic tools and 2 weappons

a pickaxe:

an axe:

a showel:

and a sword:

this sword (and all of the tools) is not enchantable. if you want to use an more effective sword, you need 1 heart of the sea,1 prismarine shard, and the original sword. From this materials you can get the legendary sword of Poseidon's son: Anaklusmos (Riptide)

The Riptide is much-much better than the commonplace celsetial bronze sword: have 30dmg (the zombies dies by one hit) and 999999 durability (quazi unbreakable). but his is realy expensive! you need to spare. First, seve some time: craft some Greekfire from kelp, and nether wart. From now you dont need hunt any creepers! 

After this hard work, you sure get hunger. Make some tasty food: Ambrosia, and Nectar:



These 2 food, fill all of your hunger bar, but you need some time to can build an golden carrot and extra gold automation, but this is an endgame food, you don't need this at the beginings.



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i am Steven universe January 17, 2022 at 10:39 pm
i can not find one anywhere
i am Steven universe January 17, 2022 at 10:38 pm
could you make a camp half blood map for me and my sister with this mod please
will this be updated? its not showing the ore anywhere not even in creative. shows everything else. just not the actual material to mine.
You switch on the Holyday creator features?
i do. the issue is with the new update. you have to change a little bit of the coding in the feature for the ore for it to work. The game gives an error for your ore feature place_block and may_replace. they changed it so it should be {
"replace_rules": [
"places_block": "insert your block",
"may_replace": [
there is also an error for celestial bronze hoe. so it also not showing up. here is the error its giving
[Recipes][error]-recipes/celestial_bronze_hoe_recipe.json | pj:celestial_bronze_hoe_recipe | The Item: pj:celestial_bronze_hoe is missing, cant make the recipe

[Recipes][error]-recipes/celestial_bronze_hoe_recipe.json | pj:celestial_bronze_hoe_recipe | Recipe result malformed
What coordinate do I mine on to get to the hepaistos's scrap?
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Does this work with the vibranium add-on