Published on May 07, 2021 (Updated on May 06, 2021)

Vibranium Addon

This addon vas "add on" Vibranium things. (Who'd have thought it....) This is the (the highest) tier of the materilals (who'd have thought it). This is a wery symple, not included custom armor, or the mystic fruit from the universal Black Panther series, but if you have a lets-play, and you earned the netherite level, thus you hawen't any ideas for playing (huh I have run out of my english vocabulary) you can earn this final tier of tools. Khm khm kedves Rolix 


First, you neaded some raw vibranium. Lets go to mining at y:10-20 layer of the ground. Vibranium ore:

If you found some from this rare purple shards, you needed to craft vibrironite (vibranium+iron) alloy:

If you need vibranium you must be smelt the vibrironite, in blast furnace !only in blast furnace!:

After this you can craft your firs basic tools from vibranium, and iron:

Vibranium axe:

Vibranium shovel:

if you wanted to craft more usefull items, you needed to craft vibranium cores, from vibranium, raw vibranium and black stained glass: 

And finally from vibranium core, vibranium and iron, you can craft vibranium sword, or wibranium drill (pickaxe):


Select version for changelog:


1:. Download the file

2:.find the file in the "Downloads" menu.

3:.left click to the fille, adn choose the "open With..." button.

4:.all you have to click to the OK button, because the Minecraft is knows the file.

5.: generate a new world

6.:turn on the experiments (holyday creator, Creation of custom biomes, Additional modding Capabilities)

7.: open the "Behavior Packs" menu, click to the "My packs" chose my addon, and click to the "Activate" button.



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How I wish Uru Metal can be an addon too. Anyways this is cool tho.
are u planing on adding all types of tools and armour made out of vibraniom