Published on June 18, 2019 (Updated on March 29, 2020)

Pet Pigs! Addon

Anybody want a pet pig?? I bet you all do, what kind of person wouldn't love a pet pig? Well, now you can have lots of little oinky helpers to fight hostile mobs and keep you company on long adventures. They might even gather beetroot for you. If you're nice.

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Re-uploading Android/iOS content due to import issues on some devices.



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i mean tame
where can i find them or rame them?
finally i can having pet pig instead just name them and just ride them
Basically Ruben
oh, poor Ruben :(
something wrong with the download... says no zip file?
Wonder add-on, my iron pig gave me a diamond while I was asleep, I did not expect a diamond as both pigs either gave me some kind of crop, got no complaints, my heart was touched.
Why I don't see them spawning? But it said I can see it in the flower forest. I think they're so few that I can't even recognize them. Please fix, they don't spawn or they spawn rarely. Please make them uncommon. And why the picture shows the background the pig is not on the flower forest even though it should be there? I'm glad that you add a spawn egg or it will be hard to find.
Are they supposed to look like Reuben from Minecraft story mode
Don't lie .You created the addon.You can change it and its VERY rare for finding a enchanted apple
Pee pee poo poo me me and you we can rule worldwide.
I am so naming one Reuben, because they look just like him!
A Satisfied Person July 23, 2019 at 4:43 pm
Very adorable
They are invisible in my game
Maybe you need to toggle the Experimental Gameplay on
Can I get a media fire link?
Omg I love your mods! They’re
A. So easy to download!
B. Just great! I love having more pets than just Hooved animals, cats, and dogs
C. Your great at the textures!
Thanks for trying them out. :)

A. Thanks, we tried to make it really easy. One click.
B. Us too. It's fun to have some companions running behind, ready to gobble up hostile mobs. And hostile players haha
C. Well, thank you very much. Matt is our texture-creator-animator-extraordinaire, and he does an awesome job.