Phase World

Do you wish you could walk through walls without using a hacked client? If you did then you went to the right place. Phase is a hack that allows the player to pass through what it hits, or clip through blocks. In this world with a function pack, the player has the ability to phase through blocks without a hacked client.

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  • Changed the Description a tiny bit
  • Added a Flat World Download
  • Made Download Text easier to read
  • Changed the Installation description 


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

links aren't working
Mate pls make a mod version of this
I cannot create a function pack right now but maybe in the future.
THIS IS AMAZING! Finally what I have always wanted. Can you please make this an addon or tell me how to do it?!
Make sure to check the description of the video above if you want to have to ability to phase in your own world. Thank You :)
Neothemerchantyoutube August 18, 2020 at 8:02 pm
Where is the download for your own world?
Click on "Phase Function" on the top right of the youtube video. Then, check the description of the youtube video.
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