Published on September 04, 2021 (Updated on October 31, 2022)

Phasmophobia (Massive Update)

This is a project that I have been working on for a while, and it's finally done! This was inspired by DeathlyTroll's remake of Phasmophobia, except this one uses no resource packs, as I wanted to challenge myself with this map.

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  • Massive update - Everything changed!
  • Updated the commands to use the new "execute" format instead of the old one
  • The AI ghost can now do more stuff instead of just walking around and hunting.
  • Added the DOTS Projector
  • The way a player uses special things like hunts now uses items that appear in their inventory.
  • Used different items for the equipment that looked more realistic to the original game
  • Way less command blocks, so hopefully a performance boost
  • When a player is dead, they become a spectator and can only get so far away from a player before teleporting to another player.
  • When the ghost wins, it says why (either everyone died or the hunters chose the wrong evidence)
  • If the game ends without a true winner, it will say "Game Ended Prematurely" (Ex. Trying to play Versus Mode on Singleplayer)
  • Fixed a bug with previous "Massive Update" where the dead people don't come back to life.
  • Fixed a bug where people's Sanity meter don't get set back to 100 after the game ends
  • Added the Level Editor



  • 4lPhasmo0phobia.mctemplate (708.77 KB)

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can you fix the start button? it's not working
can you update to version 1.19.70?
Will you update this map??
How to click on the buttons to play and how to click on the buttons to select cards.
This comment has been removed
You probably have to select the map you want to play on first. The billboard on the left of the play button has the maps you can play.
For anyone curious, I am currently making a massive update to this game with a rework on all the maps and mechanics. It is halfway done at the point of writing this, and it shouldn't take too long to finish.
can you update to version 1.18?
Does This Support 1.18 I Want To Play It with my friends
Does This Support 1.17.11?
Is that a horror map? Because me and my sister hates horror maps
Phasmophobia counts as horror. I myself don't like horror, but Phasmophobia is fun, and it is better with others than alone.
1.17.41 support?
Nice but what resource packs r u using? It looks clean and I like the position of the coords.
In the screenshots, I'm using
- Better Default (it's the only one out of them in the minecraft marketplace)
- Minecraft Enhanced
- Better Player Animation
- RainbowPie UI
Maybe try using texture packs on the map it will be good tho but atleast thats on your choice :D
Can you tell me where you got the last one (RainboPie UI) from?
I got it from MCPEDL, if you search up "Rainbow Pie UI". Sorry, there was a space in between the Rainbow and Pie.
Manly Noob
Hi :)
Unfortunately I didn't manage to install the file on android. It would not show up in the game.
But I'll try it again.
Ok, it's a template, got it!
However, how can I identify a ghost without items?