Pixies Add-On (Beta)

Pixies come to Minecraft! Adventure with this Add-On that adds a new mob "Pixie".

With this Add-On you will have in your world several types of pixies, that you can tame! Each one has their own qualities, you will get effects when you tame a Pixie.

Go out there and try to catch some Pixies in your world! They are fast so you have to be faster!


Take in consideration that this is a Beta Release, we plan on making a masive project with more mobs, if you have any suggestions you can join our Discord Server.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4dkZakBG9w

Pixies are passive creatures that can be found on Forests, but passive doesn't mean they will be easy to catch! You will have to run after them to catch them and tame. Currently there are 5 (five) types of Pixies.


If you choose this pixie, she will not let you down even in the intense battles! With her you can have Absortion to survive even the worse attack!


The green pixie can be your best partner in the adventure, when you tame her it gives you in return Jump Boost to climb higher!



The blue pixie loves speed and likes sugar, if you do too, you will like her! With her you will get Speed to feel the rush!



The purple pixie has never been the most loving one, she will give you the power to break even the heaviest armor! With her, you will get Strength!



The rarest of all, there are not many of them anymore. You will need more then luck to get one of these! With her, you will get the power of Regeneration!

Pixie Queen

Pixie Queens are rear unless you find a pixie island, which is the only place they will spawn at, they dont give the player any effect but do drop loot


Pixies drops:

  • 0-2 pixie dust upon death

Pixies drop:

  • 0-1 pixie tear upon death


Pixies are relatively peaceful, and will not attack players in any way, even when they are attacked themselves. If you where to attack a pixie queen she will fix back



Pixies are able to be tamed with cake, when you have a tamed pixie they will follow you where ever you go, if you don’t want the pixie to keep on following you can make them sit, Pixie queen are not tamable


Tamed pixies provide certain positive effect to the player, depending on their color. The colors of the pixie and the status effects it gives include the following:

  • Pink: Strength
  • Purple: Jump Boost
  • Blue: Speed
  • Green: Luck
  • Yellow: Haste


Craft able items:

 Pixie Soups

 Dark Oak Bowl


Pixie island is the only place where you can find all pixie together in one place even the pixie queen, good place to make friends with the pixies, and for you evil people a good place to make a pixie farm.


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Pixies Addon Bug Fix

  • Fixed pixies not being able to sit when tamed
  • Fixed pixies not following player when tamed 


  • Go to the Linkvertise Link
  • Follow the steps
  • You will go to Mega website to download the Add-On.
  • Open your Add-On with Minecraft Bedrock.
  • The import should start automatically
  • Apply the Behavior & Resource Packs to your world
  • Enjoy!

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4.68 / 5 (22 votes)
oi teria como fazer o addom compativel para a versao 1.16.221 queria muito usar esse addom e uma sugestao seria bom se tivesse como curar elas com acucar porque pelo que eu vi elas nao curam vida e seria bom tambem se pudessem nascer mais de cores diferentes outra ideia seria a de adicionar um bioma sombrio com grandes arvores e luzes roxas criando o habitat de fadas do mal elas poderiam batalhar com as do bem suas cores poderiam ser escuras e elas poderiam ser domadas com carne podre elas poderiam atacar mobs por exemplo a verde escuro aplicaria veneno nos mobs em quais batemos.

hi there would be a way to make the addom compatible for version 1.16.221 I really wanted to use this addon and a suggestion would be good if there was a way to cure them with sugar because from what I've seen they don't cure life and it would also be good if more different colors could be born another idea would be to add a dark biome with big trees and purple lights creating the habitat of evil fairies they could battle the good ones their colors could be dark and they could be tamed with rotten flesh they could attack mobs for example the green one dark would apply poison to the mobs we hit.
Wayy too many floating islands spawn, still really good addon tho, maybe make their spawn rate lowered by at least 80%
To sum it all up
-she follows badly teleport and walking
-she is too squishy and cannot be healed
-the range and the power of buffs need to be increased
-let it apply on friendly units taht are tamed or summoned
To answer your sum up

-she follows badly teleport and walking (We are currently fixing this)
-she is too squishy and cannot be healed (There is a reason why we did this they are op already )
-the range and the power of buffs need to be increased (What would you think the distance should be and the power we are not making it higher because she is op)
-let it apply on friendly units taht are tamed or summoned (What you mean by this one)
Currently im using the pixies for my dungeon taht i want my friends to try and conquer.
And o think they range would deserve Double if u keep the buffs the Same power.
With tameable i mean Wolfs or in some mods there are New companians so it would be nice if the pixie doesnt only buffs itself i mean the regeneration is strong but for the Rest it would be nice
amigo, tengo un problema, descargue la version mas reciente del addon pero aun asi estando domesticados no me siguen los duendes pq sera?
disculpa la molestia!!
??? wym goblins and you have the new version correct?
You should Made them had powers so if they feel being attacked they Will use they're magic also maybe remake their models?
Does it need experimental gameplay?
If need which one?
And does it work on 1.17.41?
You shouldn’t need any, also it still should work in that version as well
First of all this is an amazing addon I liked it and surely will use it, I have a suggestion that will be helpful for adventures, what do you think about adding a pixie version that can have a backpack or something with her to give players ability to store items and stuff with her with total of 27 slots? (one single chest) that will be awesome
does it use player.jason file?
This is very cute and interesting addon but there's a lot of bug in your masterpiece. They don't even follow me after I tamed them. They just fly away from me.
We are in the process of fixing this bug
We are fixing the bugs, what other bugs are there is it just this one?
can you make this 1.17 , 1.17.30 supported version because the supported version is 1.14 and I want this to be added in my fairy mushroom village world inside the lush caves....
Hell Sayuri23, the addon should still be supported for the newer version if its not please let me know in our discord, easier way of getting in contact with me
one more comment i found a glitch when they sit they uhh start to fly
Thank you for the bug, are you able to report the bug in our discord?
im downloading this bc i like shit thats fantasy
they look like they sniffed some crack tbh
I love your addon!! but I think it would be cooler if the wings of each color variant are different from each other, and if you add sparkles to them ^^ keep up the good work!
Well i guess we will see what our feature updates hold on the addon : )