Published on August 21, 2019 (Updated on August 21, 2019)

Plants vs. Zombies Addon v1.0

There's a new way to fight back against the night in Minecraft! This addon introduces the some of the friendly plant characters found in the Plants vs. Zombies series of games to your Minecraft worlds.



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fefwfwfwefwefwfwefwf March 18, 2022 at 2:00 pm
Please could you make the download mediafire since some of us cant download it
Its really cool but i think lilcraft yt's better than this plz improve bro
Peashooter Smoking a Fat Blunt June 04, 2021 at 6:20 pm
I Think You Should Add More Plants.
Add puff shroom, doom shroom, ghost pepper, turn diamond helmet into bucket, turn gold helmet into cone, add witch hazel, tangle weed, plantern, snow pea.
Can you add the zonbies when the addon was fully released?
Hey Creator! Please help me! I have put a splash potion swiftness on a zombie spawned by spawn egg and then tried to aim at it with the pot o plants but no button is coming to use it. Can you tell how to use the pot o plants? Do we have to kill the zombie using pot o plants? I have put this is creative mode will it work?
the link is broken :(
Thanks I really like it? For everyone who cant download it you can download this add-on to other website.
link is down, so i cant test it
I am unable to open this link....when I click on it says error 404 link not found...please advise how I can get it opened...
Please Make a proper Download Link!!
When I get past adfly it just says error code 404!! Please make an actual downloadable link!!
can you add more zombies and another way to get tacos?
Please make it where I can actually download
The addon
That link i only for Mac not Windows mate
The only question is: Does the peashooter type plants damage other plants, including peashooter type plants? Because if so, I'm not going to download this...