Published on November 05, 2019 (Updated on December 28, 2020)

Player Mount!

Ever wanted to mount a player and take a ride on their shoulder? Now you can with Player Mount! Swim through the waters, run through the plains, even take a ride in the skies on an elytra on your friend's shoulders. Anything is possible with Player Mount!

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+Updated for the latest version of Minecraft!

+Players who have other players on their shoulders can now make them fall off by crouching.


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This mod is so amazing
Does this still work? And does it work other addson or has to be on the top?
i dont know how to get on the player shoulders
does this work on realms?
How do i mount someone on switch on realms?
Plis puestero this add-on for minecraft 1.14
Uhh how do i even mount a person? It doesnt show ride or anything
Try the newer version and right click/press the mount button (mobile) when you get close to a player.
how do u get past addfly i keep getting stuck after the add
The resource pack not contain anything.
But the add-on its grateful
Thanks For Adding The Behavior LoL
The resource pack does contain a text file but that's it. It makes it so the button has text when you want to mount a player.
Thank you for adding the behavior
You should make an add-on similar to this but only allows one player to mount onto another and call it the piggy back ride add-on please I would love to see this because having 4 player's be able to mount doesn't really make sense and I would like an add-on that allows only 1 player to mount onto another
Sorry, folks! Seems this post did not include the behavior pack link. I am in contact right now with the owner to make sure the link is posted soon!
Referring to @Lost and found’s comment
The behabior pack is missing, please, repair it
Get the behavior pack plz