Published on March 07, 2023 (Updated on March 18, 2023)

Pokémod - The Full Redstone Map - 2 Players Mini-Game

WHO WILL BE THE BEST TRAINER? Here is the POKEMOD the full redstone map ! Compete with your friends in this 100% redstone mini-game! Or explore the map and discover all the Pokémon that are there!

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I downloaded the file but it was in a compressed zip file and I tried everything I know but couldn't get it to work; how can I get it to be a ".mcworld" file? Looking forward to playing this map!
Hello !

We are sorry for the inconvenience but we have decided to install linkvertises to help the studio. During their installation, some slight mistakes were made. However, we can assure you that the download link works perfectly today.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding,

The BeBlock Team.
Hello again!

Just updating as I recently downloaded it and saw some of the map; you did a fantastic job and I am impressed! Gonna try this with my Bestie sometime soon but one thing that would make this even better would be actual Pokémon mobs that you can fight; other than that: you put so much work and detail in this world and thank you for fixing the issue I had with it.

No worries, you're welcome and hope you have an awesome weekend!
Hello !

We're glad you liked the map!
We have also released a Pokémon mod with the 4 first generation starters and many features that I'm sure you will love!
We also wish you a great continuation and see you on the BeBlock social networks!

[EDIT : The link has disappeared, you can find the mod in question in our creations on our profile!]


the moment of truth! finally I can make a lapiz armor and tools, also hey it's me Jeth6 known as Banana in YT! Overall nice add-on and here's your 5 stars!
Bro I cant even to start to comprehend how long this might’ve taken! I’m just breath-taken by the spectacular builds, and don’t even get me started on the redstone, I mean the most complex thing I’ve ever built with redstone is a keycard that opens up a door which leads you into a room to find a secret room which requires another keycard to get into, but you guys didn’t even take the cake you stole the bakery like oh my gosh crazy!! This is awesome definitely 100/5
Wow! Thanks a lot for your feedback! We're really happy that the community likes our designs so much! As we're a brand new studio, we need as much support as possible on the networks and all the feedback from players is a great help to us. If you want, feel free to connect to our discord to share your redstone creations! See you soon on our networks!

The BeBlock team.