Published on July 16, 2020 (Updated on July 16, 2020)

Polks Addon

Have you ever wanted an interesting fresh new survival add-on? Well, this add-on is for you! Please note that some of the stuff is broken, meaning that a sword is unobtainable.

Let's start of with the new ore (it looks like diamonds at the moment). Onix ore! it can be found deep underground and I found it in a specific area!

You can use the Onix ore to craft a new sword. mining the onix ore will get you, onix pieces!

Now for the Onix sword!

The onix sword does 11 damage and gives you a bit extra hp!

crafting recipe:

Now for the new mobs!!!

Depth strider (inspired by some other addon)

15 hp

similar to a strider but WATER

drops 2 ink sacks

it's broken too -_-

it takes damage when in water for some reason...


20 hp

5 attack damage

texture is broken

Ai is not working

Drops nothing

Now for the nether bees!!!

Nether bee

20 hp

3 attack damage

poisons you

will be able to farm nether warts in future update.

Can swim in lava

drops 4 nether warts

Now for the boss...

Throw that boss spawner!

Haunted piglin (BOSS)

800 hp

10 attack damage


look at the boss drops!

in the future this will be Haunted piglin's first stage theme

Haunted piglin first stage theme

The Haunted piglin second stage theme is the same song but 1.5 times as fast.

Hope you enjoy this add-on!!!

in fact here is a showcase of it

Polks add-on showcase
Please mcpedl accept this add-on.


Update plans:

Fixing polks tree

More ores and more swords

New mobs

Nether bees use nether warts to make nether honey

2 new bosses

Haunted piglin can summon minions and will have a 2nd stage and have music

Boss trophies

Custom structures

Fixing onix texture

Fixing depth strider

To mcpedl: if you know an add-on creator that can help me, let me know.


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My Add-ons suck! Well how about yours? Which software do you use, ha?
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Well why do you give your bosses 999999 hp and damage? that's why people don't like your add-ons, you give them too much power and don't even give rewards after killing the bosses, plz update that. I use add-ons maker like you, but I use it in a more balanced way.
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It's me spiders friend Logan and shut up you're just a bully you say that a addon is trash because it made with addons maker you're such a nerd
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Blocks dont appear
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Depth striders take damage from water because of a behavior from normal striders (minecraft:hurt_on_condition) with can only be edited from using text editor or json genie (free or pro), addons maker can't edit it LOL
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Sorry my account dissconected (im not the creator of this mod)
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Lol.I can help you to do it because I have the Es File Explorer..
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wow u used addon maker
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