Published on April 21, 2020


Have you ever wanted a new weapon in Minecraft? Well Introducing SHELOB addon. It adds 2 brand new mobs as well as a recipe for the weapon. Defeat a couple of the mobs and you will get the weapon. Please note that this addon is small and I involved all details okay?

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Ah my cancelled add-on also sadly end expansion has been cancelled (due to too many bugs) but I may make another add-on :)
Could u atleast give Shelob a realistic spider texture and have him shoot slowness arrows
Can't do that If I give him custom texture he will be invisible and I can make him shoot arrows buuut... I can't make him shoot
You do realize that Shelob is female, right?
I Agree
This addon is barely that hard to make bruh....i could make something waaaay better than this with Addon Maker
Which app is it?
I'm the creator of this addon it's hard to make addon and I will be posting the challenge update in like a week meanwhile I'm releasing my end expansion addon let's see if SHELOB gets any reviews...(mcpedl wont let me login for some reason....)
Awesome Addon! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
You made this with an aaaaaap! A kindred spirit I see.
I think he use it from wither or ender dragon boss bar
I wont to Say that Is very difficult to add something in mcpedl... (You have tried 7 times?)