Published on June 20, 2022 (Updated on June 20, 2022)

Poppy Playtime: A Tight Squeeze + Fly in a Web

Have you ever desired to play Poppy Playtime, functioning on Minecraft? Well, I present to you, my own map with help of HD aNimates, BendytheDemon18, and FTL (Funtime Lefty): Poppy Playtime: A tight squeeze + Fly in a web. In this map, you'll have to swing with your blue grabpack, open doors with your red hand, get electricity with your green hand, and dare to confront Mommy Long Legs. This map is a little bit different from the real one, but it will be enough. There are some bugs around which I will be able to fix when the map gets published, but if you find one, put yourself in creative and don't mind the glitch. I asked permission from all the addon makers, so everything is legal.

I hope you enjoy the map I made with BendyTheDemon18, FFL, and HD aNimates.


Also, no respawn is permitted until I make a new update.

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Bron's warehouse now works correctly

Mommy mad 2 goes faster

Finished map

Now you can get a train code

Tried to fix the wack-a-wuggy pressure plate problem

Now you can finish the map




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Cool love it!
I'm sorry, I didn't know how to try it in other versions. I used copper, so it must be upper than 1.17 I think. On what version are you?
i'm on 1.18.30 beta
same with me
minecraftplayer6935475 June 21, 2022 at 3:53 am
Despite the fact that it has "1.18.30" under supported versions, I get a message saying "A newer version of the game has saved this world, it cannot be loaded."