Published on December 13, 2019 (Updated on May 16, 2020)

Potion Block Course (1.14+) [Modded Parkour]

In this map, you were a test subject of a bunch of scientists so that they could train your reactions, agility and most importantly, speed. But, there's going to be a surprise when you keep on running towards the end.

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• Removed 1.13 compatibility. Hence the title.

• Added addition for RTX Beta Shaders to experience this map with global illumination and light rays catching your eyes. 1.16 beta compatibility is also added, but may be laggy. Make sure to create a copy of this map before loading to the beta.

• More features are being delayed. Thanks for taking this trip with me! 😘😘😘


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I will be making the map a lot longer as always. Until then, enjoy your rage inducing moments here.
Can you at least replace the Wither with an Ender Dragon or TheEnderFace Netherking Addon, just anything except the Wither...
I will. But, if you could be so kind to try out the map first?
The link is not working... ?
That is because the link isn't updated yet. You guys should've downloaded this map months ago after it's release..