Published on October 04, 2019 (Updated on May 20, 2020)

Reinforced GregTech Addon (1.14+)

This addon is capable of adding the mobs from this addon into your very own Minecraft world! Just remember that this addon isn't just like any other addons, as it was dangerous and self-suicidal... just make sure to clarify that as a warning!

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Reason why I removed Miku and Slendy:

- Hatsune Miku just doesn't seem to fit in with this Addon too well, as there's a lot of comments on this Addon's page where people have been ranting about the thought of adding things that are never fitting. That's why Charlotte's here to stay. For Slendy? Well, let's just say that adding other people's Slenderman Addon is already better.

- Zombie Pigman mobs were now added as a 1.16 exclusive mob. It's a concept for anyone wanting the Zombie Pigman back.

- The Colossal Wither has its name fixed. Trust me. Same goes for the Gunslinger.

- A new mob called the Sniper Ravager has been added to fit alongside the Shootout Pillager.

The GregTech Warhead is currently under the beta build of performance fixing. Expect freeze frames when playing on low-end devices.

- Spawn rules have been fixed. It now properly works.

- Milk Stew has been temporarily removed, as we're looking forward to thinking about new ideas for more items. They will be added back soon.

- All spawn egg textures have been made to their respective mobs.

- Custom models are coming soon. Expect that soon! :D


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I have a suggestion. Since your a Android user will I suggest you to use BLOCKBENCH And make your own json models!.
Download link is broken please fix

This really does look like an awesome Addon I would hate for you to just abandon it
I'm not going to abandon my own work, the thing is that I have other things planned for the future, so my Add-ons will be put back on the shelves for now.
I have a suggestion. Since your a Android user will I suggest you to use BLOCKBENCH And make your own json models!.
You know me, I don't really spend too much time towards stuff that I like doing, but doesn't want to finish..
Nice work! Now I will give some stars
Hey this is me who rated this one star in 2019, I still wouldn't unironically download this but at least it has custom entities so maybe someone else would
file doesnt work
Nice add-on bro.i guess your work hard for this add-on/mod.but can you make new updates for this?
Make special mobs,
New mobs models

that's it. thanks
I can try. It's pretty difficult especially for making custom models, but I think I'll try.
This add-on is ok but I hope the creator did not forget about this and will keep updating it
Of course I wouldn't ever forget this Addon. It's an achievement of mine after my failed Squid Boss Addon. I'll update it soon enough.
How could you lie to his face like that??
R.I.P Your legs are in eyes of that poor girl
I see y'all. I know that is a position bug I've mistaken. Will be fixed soon.
I tried this mod in different worlds multiple times but all it adds are the chunk buster and dynamite
Hi, it's me BlackPistolG. Mcpedl is a real sh*t show and thinks I'm not logged in except I already am. It's weird. Anyways, if all the features aren't loaded into your world and this Addon only adds the Dyna Dynamite and the Chunk Destroyer, try reloading the behaviour packs in your world with the Addon in your world using the /reload function, exit out of your world and remove the Addon. Finally, restart Minecraft and add the Addon in the same world again and type the /reload function again. It might work if you do this. If all else fails, I will make a zip file for manual installation soon. ?
I honestly like the new custom entities, and I suggest you to make custom models. Also, since your on android, I suggest you to get a file explorer, apk editor pro(to look through the Minecraft Vanilla Files. Look through these, and try to figure out what each component means).

sorry if I was being a real sh1t. I don't know why I did what I did. Good luck on the addon.
That's not gonna help yet. I suggest you to make a full on video showing me how to make custom models. Let alone custom sounds and animations!
do you know you can do it on android using blockbench web
Guest-3341148415 May 21, 2020 at 5:26 am
The Problem is simple, in Android's 'Minecraft Addon Maker' (the one with a yellow background and a tool in th middle) they have the same textures for the ravager as your ravager is, also they have the textures of the TNTs you added, you copycat!
I had to keep using this app until someone decides to collab with me, okay?!
no one's gonna collab you cuz you use an "addon maker"
Pls stop hating him
Good addon dude Its a very simple addon thats made in a app but its ojay still good I know your a beginner addon maker but i kniw you can inorove Keep that good work amd dont listen to bullys and bashers I know you can improve your works
Thanks, dude! I love that compliment! ???
Hello love the mod but how can you tame the npc named charlotte and can you please add more tameable npcs thanks for adding this addon
By using a raw potato, you have only a 40% chance of taming her.
Yeah great addon.
The behavior is great.
But I think you can improve textures.
Keep on good work!
Your addon and your skills are both great. I like your addon.
Wait for the next update!
No, no.. You are the one that made the best Addons here on I still don't know how to code behaviours, create custom models and textures etc etc... But, thanks for that compliment btw. Hope we could collaborate together to make great content and avoid Redboygamer's exploits! ??
You made a Wither storm addon
Love this addon, keep up the good work
Stolen Textures from addons maker you can make them better by retexturing them with that pen icon you'll see in addons maker also this addon doesnt make sense because why are there two anime mobs and then it just switches to other random mobs unrelated and stolen
I already knew that feature.. Unfortunately, I had to start over again, the reason is because I deleted the Addon file... If only if this app had a feature where I can load this Addon's file into this app and I can reexport it if I'm done.. Sadly, that feature isn't a thing, so I had to start over... ??
Guest-2135885095 May 21, 2020 at 5:27 am
you can load addons you made in the maker, so quit your crying
Bruh... PS: it's me. BlackPistolG. Mcpedl is a real sh*t show...