Published on November 25, 2021 (Updated on March 29, 2022)

Power Mob Parkour

Acquire the skills of your enemies and different peaceful mobs, use the skills to complete the 10 different exclusive and quite epic levels. Have an incredible time playing this map over and over again, you can even spedrum.

It has the characteristics of the mobs in each level to be able to overcome them and get to dominate them.


10 levels

Supports 1 to 5 players

You are free to add any addons: shaders textures addons

Levels optimized for novice to experienced players

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Commands (spawn, tp and multiplayer) were improved. 

Now you can also add external plugins and they will not cause modification to the map. 

Installation is easier as it is located in the .mcworld file. 

You can repeat as many times as you want and the function of the map will not be altered.


if you share the link: use the MCPEDL.COM link. don't download [mediafire] directly.

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