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Published on June 13, 2020 (Updated on December 07, 2020)

Prehistorical Technology Addon

This Add-on implements in your Minecraft worlds weapons inspired by Prehistory, such as clubs, spears and others.

Some weapons of the Add-on have a 3D style which is only appreciated when being in the third person or watching another player

This add-on adds the next weapons:

Oficial 1.16


The clubs are inspired by the ancient weapons that cavemen used to hunt and other activities.

The clubs come in 3D style. But it can only be seen in the third person, in the first person they will look like normal items

  • Wood club
  • Makes 5 damage attack
  • Recipe:

  • Stone club
  • Makes 6.5 damage attack
  • Recipe:

  • Bone club

  • Makes 8 damage attack
  • Recipe:

Other weapons

These other weapons are inspired by Prehistory, these will have different uses than the clubs, this will go away implementing over time.

The stone lance has a 3D design, but like the clubs, it will only be seen in the third person

  • Stone spear

  • Makes 7 attack damage
  • Recipe:

  • Bone knife

  • Makes 7.5 attack damage
  • Recipe:

  • Bone sword

  • Makes 9 attack damage
  • Recipe:

Bone Armor

  • The bone armor gives 40 extra life hearts
  • This armor like the others are divided into different parts, but you must put them together on a crafting table so that they can be equipped
  • Recipes:
  • to equip the armor, you need to consume the bone armor item (note: if you have a helmet equiped, this will disappear)


Bone tools

(bone tools are fully functional):

  • Bone sword: makes 7 damage attack
  • Bone axe: cut the log like a iron axe
  • Bone pickaxe: can break the same things that a iron pickaxe
  • Bone shovel: has the same speed than a iron shovel
  • Bone hoe: has the same speed than a iron hoe
  • Recipes

Better bone armor

  • This armor has More resistance than a chainmail armor (7 armor protection)

  • Recipes:

Obsidian tools

In the obsidian tools we can see two new items:

  • Macuahuitl: makes 10 damage but has 70 uses
  • Obsidian knife: makes 7 damage
  • Recipes:

New crop: peppermint

  • The peppermint in the add-on will allow you to make a new stew that will regenerate you for 1 minute
  • When you obtain the peppermint item, you can plant the peppermint in the farmland

  • Peppermint stew recipe

Primal table

  • The primal table its the base of the add-on, allows you to create all the things that are in this
  • Recipe:

  • Note: you can see all the recipes in this table

New block and item: Pebble

  • The pebble it's a new block that you can find in the overworld, you can stack them like the sea pickles
  • You need the pebble to craft the primal table

New entity: dodo

  • The dodo at the moment, just can be obtained in the inventory
  • The dodo it's a new entity that is neutral, if you hit em, it will attack you
  • They has 20 life
  • They have 4 variants

New entity: nautilus

  • The Nautilus, at the moment just can be obtained from the creative inventory
  • Has 40 life points

Another features:

  • The items of the add-on has register in the creative inventory
  • The clubs and spear has been upgraded
  • You can obtain the things with commands using /give @s old:[object name]

Future updates

  • Add javelins
  • Add more wood and stone tools
  • Add more forms to obtain the items

Select version for changelog:

  • Added peppermint crops
  • Added pebbles
  • Added new craft to the primal table
  • Support from the 1.16.100 official and betas


Modification of the addon is prohibited

The use of the Add-on for addons pack is allowed

If you make video about the Add-on, link to this page for download


  • prehistorical-technology_1607286867.mcaddon

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🇬🇧Continue with the addon please!!
🇧🇷Continua com a addon por favor!!
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Great addon does it requires experimental gameplay allowed?
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4 star bc link does not work but great mod but pls fix download link
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This addon is so cool, it's 3D again. Cool Addon
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I recommend changing the Bone Spear (Bow) to a trident
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Greattos addontos! Verytos goodtos fortos startertos!
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When I download it, it doesn't let me extract it for the behavior and resource, and it only lets me search the Google play store. If you can fix this i would like that and appreciate it ^w^
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Please collaboration with dagger boi's addon named cenozoic craft plz
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Idk maybe it can be a pack hello I’m the owner of Cenozoic craft.
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I am very jealous of the stuff that can be made in the beta since i can't get betas ?

But at least one day will be in the official version, since i can't try it (and loads o more people too). Looks great anyways
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Bruh this comment is outdated. Now i am more than happy of being able of use this kind of Add-Ons ?
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I've waited way too much for download this Add_On, cuz this is the first of its kind.
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When the update will come
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No me deja poner la armadura y ando intentando cono dices tu:(
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pls update it already
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Hey! Modding can take a long time!
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Yeah lol, considering most good Java mods are still on 1.12
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