Published on November 15, 2022 (Updated on February 25, 2023)

Prime Gacha PvP

Infinite volume! Gacha PvP you can play until you get bored! We created the best mess PvP that you can play endlessly as long as you don't get bored with it, focusing on "good balance" and "full volume."  

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Ver. 2.00

・Added new game "Trouble Ice"

・ Added 6 new stages in Battle Gacha PvP

・ New gimmick “Food Gacha” appears in Battle Gacha PvP

・Fixed a bug in the time passing gimmick in Escape Prison Gacha PvP

Fixed commands changed in Minecraft update

・Add tag correction function at setting place, add "Evening" to time operation

・ Changed explanatory texts such as signs and books to easy-to-understand ones


Ver. 1.00 Released

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We also need AN-225
That would be so cool
I cant find any addon with it!
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