Prison Escape!

Hello. This map was heavily inspired by Adventure Map: Escaping the Prison. Prison Escape made by DaRandomizur and Ultraball25 .Story: (Spoiler Alert!)Chapter 1: No one knows why or how you're in prison, but you need to escape NOW. You find that your cell mate is Eevri, a robber known for breaking into Millionaires' houses. He's in prison for robbing Bill Gates' house. Eevri gives you his broken crowbar, and you use it to get out of the cell.

Chapter 2: In the hallway you see a Guard! He tells you that he's a fake guard named Lyam, and you don't need to worry. You then look for an open door, but instead you find that a guard left his key at Office Two's door. You open the door and look for something to help you. You find the key to Office One.

Chapter 3: What you find in Office One is to your surprise, with blood on the floor and a cracked wall. You then look through the storage cabinets and find both a Guard's diary and a cell key. You read through the diary and learn that the Guard wasn't feeling too good. You also find some creepy messages, yet fail to understand them.

Chapter 4: You find a cell with a lock that works with the key, which happens to be Lyam's cell. You look through his chest and find both an iron sword and a copy of the SWAT Armory key. You immediately unlock the SWAT Armory and steal some armor, weapons, and a hammer in the Confiscated Chest. The hammer can tear down weak walls, like the one in Office One. 

Chapter 5: You go back to Office One and tear down the cracked wall. You've finally escaped! But don't celebrate yet; There's a ZOMBIE GUARD outside! He must be that Guard from Office One. You defeat the Zombie Guard and you can now live freely with Eevri and Lyam!

Here is a video made by Nerzival playing my map.


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Fixed up description a bit and added a video of Nerzival playing this map.


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This is a good prison escape map, and the little twist in the end was an awesome idea to end the map. It isn't a long play adventure map but I really like it.
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Hey with the 2nd npc U can just reopen his conversation and get infinite notch apples
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I remember playin the first version very fun keep it up man :)
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