Published on July 16, 2021 (Updated on August 23, 2021)

Prison Escape!

Hello. This map was heavily inspired by Adventure Map: Escaping the Prison. Prison Escape made by DaRandomizur and Ultraball25 .Story: (Spoiler Alert!)Chapter 1: No one knows why or how you're in prison, but you need to escape NOW. You find that your cell mate is Eevri, a robber known for breaking into Millionaires' houses. He's in prison for robbing Bill Gates' house. Eevri gives you his broken crowbar, and you use it to get out of the cell.

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Fixed up description a bit and added a video of Nerzival playing this map.


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This is a good prison escape map, and the little twist in the end was an awesome idea to end the map. It isn't a long play adventure map but I really like it.
Hey with the 2nd npc U can just reopen his conversation and get infinite notch apples
I remember playin the first version very fun keep it up man :)