Project Bosses

Have you ever wanted a challenging experience? Have you ever wanted to do something after the ender dragon? Well this addon is for you! Created by the project bosses addon team we bring you these hardcore bosses to fight!

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  •  The mcaddon link is now fixed
  • Supports 1.16 and updates below



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This looks really cool but please fix this link. I want this XD
Podrias poner a cada boss para descargar por separado
if you are still replying to the comment id like to ask why i says import failed i really want to play this is there a way to fix this it says unknown version and unknown pack id.
Import fail but it still looks cool
This addon sucks! Its completely undownloadable!
SUB TO THE cheeseburgers ON YT February 09, 2021 at 3:52 am
how do u get a zip this mod looks sooooooooooooo cool i really want it
Wow... just wow! this is a great mod that is perfect for any masters of survival who need a new challenge if you could add infinity armor and meme armor that would be awesome.I am sure you and your team worked incredibly hard on this so congrats to all of you.
hola no va el archivo no se puede importar porque pasa eso lo van a actualizar porque de verdad se ve super bien y lo queria probar
i give up im not installing it im trying for the 26 time and it always said "failed to import"
I swear to God, these people literally add monsters that are way too overpowered.
its not working for me the link works but when i open the file it says it failed to import
Yo good add-on, the bosses inspired by creators were good, but you could improve the giant mob bosses, it's just mobs with steroids and nothing fun

Also, why the fancy wording? Anyways, give your team a pat on the back
add rare natural spawn support please. dont use custom biomes either please
In V2 they will spawn! I'll ask the team about your suggestion
THE MEME SWORD (what if you make Rick Astley drop the meme sword)
Good idea! I'll do that with the project bosses team
This add-on is wonderful but can you update it to work for the newer version?