Published on July 10, 2020 (Updated on December 09, 2020)

Project Walker


Project Walker intends to change the way we play minecraft, now the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world you must look for supplies to stay alive, the undead alone are not so dangerous, but a package can be lethal, be careful with other survivors because not all of them are friendly and also be more careful with other players (in case of multiplayer) as they may want to steal it.


Gabriel Aplok

Amor Duro



Máquina de Construção

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fixed an animation bug that occurred when crouching while flying and walking

zombie spawn has been fixed


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TA chido el mod
mega finde ich cool mach weiter so
Pretty good addon but Mojang remove the thirst bar and it shows in the screen Ü and Ë please remove the thirst bar
Amazing mod but HUGE problem! When someone tries to join me whilst I’m using this mod it’ll give them the prompt: “Error while downloading packs” This only happens with your pack, as I’ve tested it with 5 other different mods, and anytime this mod in it, please can’t download it! They can only join if they’ve previously had the mod download! Please fix this!!!! ASAP PLEASE!!

(Other Bugs:
Bottle Of Waters Can’t Stack
All Modded Items Besides Guns Look Really Big)
LOL I couldn't help but noticing that this is an addon based on DAYZ !love it!
one more thing... pls make the broken leg 25% instead of 50% because 50% is way to often :)
MORE BUILDINGS!... PLS mak emore buildings fort his addon... adda plane crash, and some like hidden bunkers please... also can u make a chance of it spawning a city/big building, and lots of zombies! I also think that u should change the spawn/creature of the bandits, and survivers to something MUCH more commen. pls add this in a soon update :)
Fix texture of weapons, armors, item,...
Add more weapons, guns, trader trade for gun and ammos, structures,..
Update loot of zombie, structure,...
Add Mutant Zombie, armored zombie,...
Make a crafting table or things can craft gun or trade gun,...
Why is there no weapon display? Version:
So the walking
this needs an update. The textures went up in size massively.
This is a very good addon in my opinion, I have a few suggestions, survivors replace villagers instead of the trader, gun durability and gun repair, weapon modifications, survivors trade, and military crates are more rare. Sorry of this seems like alot, overall I think this addon is pretty cool.
There is version 7.1 compatible on 1.17