Project Walker aims to change the way we play minecraft now the game is set in a post apocalyptic world you must look for supplies to stay alive, the living dead alone are not so dangerous but a pack can be lethal, be careful with other survivors because not all of them are friendly and also be more careful with other players as they may want to rob you.

Thank you distant星梦 for allowing me to learn from your gun code
General creator: Mano Galo


if you want me to continue this project please do not publish this page or this addon on another website or application and you should also not circumvent the download link I made.

please if you know that someone broke the rules you can report it on my twitter


The seat is represented by an action bar and every 1 minute the bar goes down a drop and if it reaches 0 you will have weakness, so hydrate yourself.
if you are thirsty at the low level you should use these items:


This is a gift that I am giving to you 😉 I hope you like it despite not being all the armor …


Long-range weapons are not always ideal for combat as they attract Zombies and export their position, use them wisely.

a list of weapons: akr, akr12, awm, desert eagle, fabm, famas, fnfal, f/s, g22, m4, m16, m40, m110, mp5, mp7, p90, p350, sm1014, tec9, ump45, usp.


the ammunition serves to reload the weapons and without them it is impossible to reload, if you have any doubts about the type of ammunition for your weapon follow the link

ammo types: .300w.magnun, 0.45acp, 12gauge, 5.56, 7.62, 9mn .


Players should take care of the fall damage as they can break their legs, but if their legs are broken just use the morphine and the player will no longer feel his leg hurt.

The Player has a 50% chance of breaking his leg 


The infected were human beings before dying, after death by infection they are transformed into zombies, the zombies have no logical reasoning so they do not hold items or open doors or climb stairs and are also very aggressive towards animals and those who are not infected.

variant skins: 20,     50% chance to raise your arms     HP variants: 5,10,20,25,30
variant speeds: 20,25,30,35      strength variants: 3,6,9,12 50%     chance of infecting the player


Players must be careful when being attacked by zombies as they can get the virus that only comes out if the player dies or uses the cure, if you choose to use the cure the player will no longer be infected

if you become infected, you will have to use the cure


in a post-apocalyptic world the remaining foods are canned or dry foods

a list of all foods: canned_bacon, canned_baked_beans, canned_peaches, canned_sardines, canned_spaghetti, canned_tuna, cereals, powdered_milk, rice, strawberry_jam.


melee weapons are the best way to enter places without being noticed

some weapons last longer than others and have more useful life than others and some have more damage than others.


Os loots servem para dar items aleatorios para os players

green: weapons and ammunition, yellow: melee foods and weapons white: hospital items


 Survivors do not attack players and bandits will attack players they are rare to appear on the map because their spawn replaces the nomadic trader


The buildings are generated randomly by the map and have 10 variations of buildings some buildings are only inspired by the oldest Crafting-Dead C-D mod from java, however all architecture is new and made by: MANO_GALO, look at some:


  • some buildings overlap others
  • weapons don’t work perfectly in multplayer
  • the seat bar sometimes conflicts with the ammo counter


if you want me to continue this project please do not publish this page or this addon on another website or application and you should also not circumvent the download link I made.
please if you know that someone broke the rules you can report it on my twitter

watch the trailer:

Changelog View more

added seat system (beta)

added drinks / parodies like nota_cola, pipsi, spit, kvas

added water bottle

new models and textures for some armor

added English translation for now

  1. new structures
  2. new weapons
  3. new foods
  4. new zombie
  5. new generation of terrain
  6. new loots
  • fechamento do minecraft nos Dispositivos android não ocorre mais.
  • Giant Zombie armies no longer appears.


  • spawn de multidoes e mais multidoes
  • Game Lock on Android


For both files do this:

1.Free Access With Ads

2. Discover Articles

3.X (exit)


6. Mediafire


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Catbr says:

    Ei Mano Galo, tem um canal chamado NOBROLA que fez o link direto pro Mediafire ao invés de fazer o link pro MCPEDL, ou seja, ele não te deu créditos. Te recomendo ir no canal dele e falar com ele, por que isso é errado.

  2. Creepy96 says:

    Hello, in my map with this good mod this mod bug because my persnalized skin are bug in steve. Thanks

  3. Guest-1009836113 says:

    Please put a link to the media fire download instead of linkvertise.

    • BlueBerryMC says:

      I Appreciate This as You Just Bring Back My Good Old Days When Popular MMOS Use to Make Crafting Dead Series I Loved It and It’s Almost Similar But For MCPE I Love it Might also do a Review If Ok YT-BlueBerryShake Minecraft Thanks 💙

  4. Guest-9658356241 says:

    Fix the guns

  5. Guest-8402610035 says:

    no linkversite i need pay to get

  6. Guest-2448052965 says:


  7. Guest-9539602150 says:

    Any updates on when guns will be fixed?

  8. Guest-9452104921 says:

    Pls add backpacks

  9. Guest-5811478784 says:

    What should I do if all the entities are invisible? tho overall good addon!

  10. Guest-8413518629 says:


  11. Guest-2088596694 says:

    very bad.

  12. Guest-5518986636 says:

    How do i reload the guns

  13. Guest-9050196038 says:

    When will be the next update?

  14. Guest-5707505462 says:

    To the people who say Guns don’t shoot or you cant reload why don’t you use your head and figure it out. that’s how I figured it out. to reload guns you go to crafting and put the gun on top of the ammunition. this will not work if you use the wrong ammunition

  15. Guest-5807698320 says:

    Good addon, except the guns do not work at all. I’ve tried everything i can think of and they still cannot shoot or be reloaded! Please fix this asap, because i think this will be my new favorite addon once the guns work!

  16. The_Oddtist says:

    Also the text for the items are weird like a string of code “” something like that. Just thought I would let you know that.

  17. Guest-8907579598 says:

    Sry I found out why some guns aren’t shooting you can’t shoot the guns if you get them by commands you must break the boxes and those guns shoot and check the ammo type for each and make sure

  18. The_Oddtist says:

    Hi, I see a lot of bad comments for this addon. however, I tried it myself and I gotta say, this addon is awesome. It works well with my mobile edition and I can shoot and reload, spaghettijet is awesome too but his lags on my phone, yours does not. There was a issue about the zombies sometimes one hit ko’ing us. And I would like to suggest armours that look like it fits with the theme. But other than that everything is great! I am excited to see where this leads

  19. Guest-8161719699 says:

    Guns don’t even shoot is this a bug or what version is this for because I’m on 1.16

  20. SuperTrooperGaming says:

    I really like this addon it’s just…
    I can’t reload any guns! I have tried crafting the Ammo with the gun also! Do I need a crafting table? Please help!

  21. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    *looks* *cool*

  22. Guest-1205092023 says:

    Wow I actually thought it cost money and then I found this button

  23. Guest-4548687693 says:

    ngl bro ur addon is epic more epic than spaghettijets

  24. Guest-4078150389 says:

    Nice Addon

  25. Guest-8424346879 says:

    Just find some loot box

  26. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    People who are like “Screw the people who complains” are kind of stupid, if we didn’t complain bugs and sht the creator wouldn’t know what to fix.

  27. Guest-3238736817 says:

    Screw the hates, the bigger picture is that this is going to be a total conversion addon
    something I’ve been looking for, for a very long time. but I found any nor never knew how to mod minecraft, create addon or texture pack.

    I’m definitely going to try this addon out, the project and idea is great and ambitious,
    it changes the entirety of how I’d play my minecraft world.

    There should definitely be more total conversions, it would make minecraft so much more interesting.

  28. Gunovski says:

    I You get the guns via /give you need to get the empty one then reload it as the already loaded one does not work.

  29. Guest-9746394518 says:

    For the people who are complaining that the guns aren’t working… I don’t know, they work for me and the reload system is the same as XM Guns (crafting table) although the gun has to be COMPLETELY EMPTY for you to reload. There’s a lot of potential here, although my only complaint is, the breaking your legs function is cool in concept. But its just monotonous. Either fix it so where the height you jump off of has to be greater, or get rid of it entirely. Hope to see this get updated soon because I think this could or perhaps be better than Spagethizs Zombie Addon (in some aspects, also an opinion, he’s a great mod creator too)

  30. Guest-8354064705 says:

    Love it. I know this type of addon will come after the game The Last Of Us ps4 . Thankyou . I know you can make it more realistic and more better .

  31. Guest-1268807974 says:

    Can’t shoot! Pls fix it!

  32. Hacksts12 says:

    Agrega bombas nucleares

  33. Guest-6716773952 says:

    ActualGun or Spaghettijet is better than this, you cant reload or shoot LOL :v

  34. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    Can’t Shoot nor Reload…

  35. Guest-6311172802 says:

    Remember Guys, This Is Just A Project And It’s Not Finish At All

  36. Guest-6076583445 says:

    My FPS it’s so bad with this mod

  37. Guest-3618505964 says:

    Please change the link man!

  38. Guest-8376832372 says:

    How Do You Reload? Ammo Don’t Work

  39. Guest-5199872881 says:

    Guns Don’t Work At All

  40. Guest-9574090576 says:

    I can’t shoot guns

  41. MrNifrit says:

    How to get weapons in survival?

  42. Guest-6619199727 says:

    kys linkvertise just use mediafire or even adfly you degenerate

  43. Guest-4082697060 says:

    kys linkvertise

  44. Guest-7388663014 says:

    Thirst? Infection?

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