Project Walker


Project Walker intends to change the way we play minecraft, now the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world you must look for supplies to stay alive, the undead alone are not so dangerous, but a package can be lethal, be careful with other survivors because not all of them are friendly and also be more careful with other players (in case of multiplayer) as they may want to steal it.


Gabriel Aplok

Amor Duro



Máquina de Construção


The seat is represented by an action bar and every 1 minute the bar goes down a drop and if it reaches 0 you will have weakness, so hydrate yourself.
if you are thirsty at the low level you should use these items:


This is a gift that I am giving to you 😉 I hope you like it despite not being all the armor …


Long-range weapons are not always ideal for combat as they attract Zombies and export their position, use them wisely.


Players should take care of the fall damage as they can break their legs, but if their legs are broken just use the morphine and the player will no longer feel his leg hurt.

The Player has a 50% chance of breaking his leg 


The infected were human beings before dying, after death by infection they are transformed into zombies, the zombies have no logical reasoning so they do not hold items or open doors or climb stairs and are also very aggressive towards animals and those who are not infected.

variant skins: 20,     50% chance to raise your arms     HP variants: 5,10,20,25,30
variant speeds: 20,25,30,35      strength variants: 3,6,9,12 50%     chance of infecting the player


Players must be careful when being attacked by zombies as they can get the virus that only comes out if the player dies or uses the cure, if you choose to use the cure the player will no longer be infected

if you become infected, you will have to use the cure


in a post-apocalyptic world the remaining foods are canned or dry foods

a list of all foods: canned_bacon, canned_baked_beans, canned_peaches, canned_sardines, canned_spaghetti, canned_tuna, cereals, powdered_milk, rice, strawberry_jam.


melee weapons are the best way to enter places without being noticed

some weapons last longer than others and have more useful life than others and some have more damage than others.


Os loots servem para dar items aleatorios para os players

green: weapons and ammunition, yellow: melee foods and weapons white: hospital items


 Survivors do not attack players and bandits will attack players they are rare to appear on the map because their spawn replaces the nomadic trader


The builds of the addon were made with the Feature Rule Generator PRO. And the buildings have loots in trunks


  • some buildings overlap others
  • weapons don’t work perfectly in multplayer

watch the trailer:


the addon was made in the single player and it may work well in the local multiplayer

realms are very slow and servers are likely to be too.

Changelog View more

fixed an animation bug that occurred when crouching while flying and walking

zombie spawn has been fixed

the zombies spawn was fixed

the crouching animation as it flies and walks has been fixed

corrigido umbug que occoria na animação de segurar as armas enquando andava agachado e voando

corrigido o spawn dos zombies

all items updated to the new minecraft format

all items in the creative inventory

3d items in the first person display the player's hand (regardless of skin)

weapons sound was increased (at the request of the community)

zombies suffered a nerf (at the request of the community)

less busy player file (but still stuck)

bottles can be filled with water

drinks has the right animation to drink

altered p90

bullet counter has the type of ammo

concert seat bar

3d weapons working again

new loot structures

zombies drop items and xp

improved seat bar

added 3D items

zombie borders have a maximum of 10 zombies

now it's easier to find ammunition

added seat system (beta)

added drinks / parodies like nota_cola, pipsi, spit, kvas

added water bottle

new models and textures for some armor

added English translation for now

  1. new structures
  2. new weapons
  3. new foods
  4. new zombie
  5. new generation of terrain
  6. new loots
  • fechamento do minecraft nos Dispositivos android não ocorre mais.
  • Giant Zombie armies no longer appears.


  • spawn de multidoes e mais multidoes
  • Game Lock on Android


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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284 Responses

3.68 / 5 (97 votes)
  1. Anonymous9896578 says:

    And some machine gun with 100 rounds of ammunition.

  2. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Since this is related to The Walking Dead in some way, add a revolver and a new type of .357 Magnum ammo.

  3. Anonymous9896578 says:

    cool as if you could put a silencer on each pistol and add a double-barreled shotgun.Do what you like.

  4. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Ok, we might not do some things, but at least add some turrets to create, or some wooden spikes. You may not be doing the bleeding and stuff, but just do what I wrote in the beginning.

  5. Adrian Merino mendez says:

    Actualizalo pls

  6. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Add bleeding, day timer, blood moon, zombies that destroy blocks.

  7. IsaiahDG says:

    Hey, just a quick question would it be okay if I use this in a minecraft showcase and a series?

  8. LouisV says:

    I have a few suggestions
    1. Make the gun sounds quieter
    2. More structures
    3. Make ammos easier to get
    4. More guns
    5. Unique zombies

  9. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Enable spawn mobs. It’s really hard to survive without sheep. And touch up the texture of the AK-47 a bit.
    The color of the stock and where it is held by hand should be orange-brown to look like wood. And also make Kalashnikov viewfinder as it really is.

  10. Anonymous9896578 says:

    And add reload animations

  11. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Add a backpack and larger hordes of zombies that can break blocks.:-)

  12. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Let’s add that zombies also destroy blocks and a sawn off shotgun, as well as some broken vehicles that can be scrapped or repaired.
    I want this expansion to resemble a game of 7 days to die. 🙂

  13. Wailin says:

    problems atm:
    ammo/gun ratio off too many guns. (had to fix this on my own)
    foodwater / weapon ratio off. (also had to fix this on my own)
    fobm projectile is single projectile esstionlay making it a sniper with fate client zoom
    watermark basically fucking up every ui in existance
    the zoom for snipers isnt the best
    terrible lag ( this may be fixed by better optimazation)

  14. Drew420 says:

    Suggestion:Infinite ammo in creative

  15. When the walker hits you, you get hunger forever? and when you take half a heart of damage from a fall, you get slowness forever? I know there are cures but that is very annoying, I tried it in a server and I had to leave from how bad the experience was, plus the sounds and the visuals of the guns aren’t exactly pleasing. Please do something about it instead of ignoring your fanbase.

  16. FootLong says:

    Hi i have a question before i download this. Does this mod work on mcpe version 1.16.201?

  17. Thanks for using direct download.

  18. Bruh if i play that addon my game crash

  19. Samyhbu135 says:

    Ok so my opinion about this addon is great, i love how the zombies have different speeds, health, and strength makes each time playing it unique in a way, the structures have different things in em like the hospitals has medical supplies, houses mainly have melee weapons, and consumables, etc, i love how you can hear gunfire in a distance while playing cause it makes the world more alive, when zombies are around it gets intense sometimes like theres a horde behind you and your dehydrated, or broke a leg and the noises the zombies makes sometimes makes you have the chills and when you make it to those structures with the doors while being chased is a life saver. now there are a couple things i would like you to change to make the game better i suppose

    – you can see the stats of your weapons like an smg has a fast rate of fire, but short range or how much damage it does

    – there should be certain heights that increase your chance of breaking your leg like falling down from short range would have a 25% or a medium fall is a 50% and a long fall has a 75% chance of breaking your leg

    -Make cities as a structure, dont make them common but dont make them rare to find, it could just be 4 tall buildings with a street and make them have good loot and infected inside.

    – and lastly make the melee weapons 3d if ya can

    tbh playing this addon with friends is fun, yea sometimes it breaks the addon but its fun, playing Factions (2 or more groups fighting each other) is really fun like i remember this one time me and a buddie was being pinned down by an enemy but he gets attacked behind by a zombie and gets killed, its fun to play with friends. if you told me what other addon to play this with, it would be the wastelander addon, makes the zombie world into a wasteland, but in conclusion this addon is great and i would like to see how it forms in the future.

    -Sincerely Samyhbu

  20. DaDopeGuy says:

    This addon is quite literally the best addon I have come across. It’s so well made! I also just uploaded a review on my YouTube channel: DaDopeGuy

  21. XyretzoX says:

    How do you get the world

  22. Hi, I’m here to apologize to you for my previous complaint comments, sorry for the inconvenience, I’m just annoyed to have downloaded your addon for a long time because you didn’t say this addon is for 1.16.100+, now I have re-downloaded and tried again , and your addon is very good and works well actually, I replace that criticism with a five star appreciation from me

      1. If player on creative, thirst effect not active
      2. Fix eating and drinking time, it’s too long and make me worry my minecraft get crashed
      3. Make human/survivor can be tamed, it will follow me as partner and helpful, i hate when survivors spread to random place
      4. Add Rocket Launcher/RPG
      5. Add Vehicle (car,helicopter,tank etc)
      6. Remove watermark, it’s make my java ui broken (sorry)

  23. Johnny_1268 says:

    hey man looks like their is a lot of negative comments.. but look bro honestly the mod is badass… butt idk if it’s my game but the zombies don’t spawn other than that everything is so dope. The guns are amazing and I like everything bro, honestly to make this game so good just add like so new chill zombie music bro like not scary but chill get me ? End of the world vibes. Other than that it’s not laggy playing alone.. I don’t know with multiplayer but it’s a really good mod and it works good just that the zombies aren’t spawning for me. But hey man keep up the good work.

  24. So Godly Bro says:

    Also I do not get healed by any of the food item or cures or anything and do not have the effect when you break your leg

  25. So Godly Bro says:

    I cannot shoot my weapon or I don’t see the thirst bar could you please fix.

  26. Michael Myers says:

    Hello,please make knife or machete 3D please

  27. Matthewcho2009 says:

    I can’t use the gun. it says ‘the item is unavalibe’

  28. NathanTHEGREAT666 says:

    The addon is good but please make the ammo long tap reload not by just crafting and add scope animations

  29. Anonymous9896578 says:

    Please reduce the spawning frequency as this is how it is done in the junkyard. Also add more shotguns, e.g. M1881 Shotgun, S686. Shotguns would kill in 1 shot. Certain sniper rifles such as the Kar98k or M82A1 Barrett and other assault rifles such as the Scar-H. Finally, add more loot boxes in structures such as military tents and hospitals. This is a really great addition.

  30. Astray says:

    This addon ia great but please increase the zombie spawn rate like The V4 version also bring back the survivors and bandit And the bandages also Make High caliber guns Like ak and m4 Rare in the loot boxes and make ammo stackable again they kinda take a loot of space

  31. SenpaiConCon says:

    Hi to the creator of ProjectWalker this addon is amazing…..unfortunately due to your recent update you turned a zombie Apocalypse into mearly a walk around abandoned buildings with maybe 2-3 zombies simulator… short terms IT’S BORING NOW! You should stop listening to the Milkdrinkers who cry to their mother about every problem and make it hard again…how? Simply
    1.INCREASE the spawn rate of zombies
    2.decrease the spawn of guns
    3.Slightly increase the spawn of ammo
    4.decrease the spawning of buildings so everything is not cluttered
    5.decrease the spawning of Civ-Reg-Mili boxes should add some animations to the zombos…..other then that its one of the best addons

  32. ric says:

    Mano Galo, please, It would be great if you could make this addon fully compatible with Minecraft PE 1.16.20 and 1.16.40.
    Newer Minecraft versions 1.16.100/1.16.101 are unplayable for many people with older phones.
    I think players should be able to open green/yellow/white loot packages while with weakness and the ingame Project Walker watermark should be removed.
    Thanks again.

    • Player_alone says:

      You are a br comment in English: I made a version with the weapon rendering in first person and compatible with Minecraft version 1.16.40 without the items being invisible in the character’s hand ?

      Português: Fiz uma versão com a renderização da arma em primeira pessoa e compatível com a versão 1.16.40 do Minecraft sem que os itens fiquem invisíveis na mão do personagem ?



      [YES I DID IT]


      • ric says:

        This is great! Please, where can we find it? Does it work on both 1.16.20 and 1.16.40?
        Maybe Mano Galo could keep 2 versions of Project Walker: 1.16.40- and 1.16.100+

  33. Law0018 says:

    Double thumbs up ?

  34. thosepeeps says:

    Hello, I have been looking for a quality weapons/gun mod, and I saw that your weapons looked really good. Maybe you could release a mod pack that just contains those weapons?

  35. Jeffrey.k says:


  36. Minegamez says:

    Oh is the invisible item will be fixed in 1.16.40?

  37. AzureParrot42 says:

    How did you code all this

  38. swagcaster says:

    Uses Linkvertise, Guns are not in the creative menu like the changelog says, guns cant be obtained through the command line either both with and without experimental gameplay ( the pack says experimental gameplay is not required but it typically is) , Re textures are not even present in the pack at all despite the watermark being plastered all over the place, to sum it all up this is another case of false advertising

  39. You are not said this addon for 1.16.100 in the description, i tried it on 1.16.20 and items are invisible but guns animation working, so i want to give 1 star but i read someone comment said “this addon make for 1.16.100” so that is not fully your fault but half my fault and sorry i give you 3 stars because you not say this addon for 1.16.100 only, so that is your fault, understand? (i give you money actually, because i directed linkvertise 2 times)

  40. CubyfairGaming says:

    Forgot the rating sorry

  41. CubyfairGaming says:

    Automatic 5 Stars, but there is a game breaking bug… remember that you made the water bottle refillable, well theres an exploit, even if you not do it in a water source, or even a dry block, it can refill without needing a liquid source, pls fix it or make it where you can do it via crafting or something that will fix this…and also some way you cant walk on slab(or even a carpet) without jumping like its geometry by your addon makes it so where half or less half blocks are considered as full and you cant walk without jumping(but its still slab so you can land where it is in vanilla but need is jumping(even if i have auto jump) )

  42. Minegamez says:

    Why is the texture of the weapons are invisible whyyyy can you help me please ill give you five star if you fixed this
    My minecraft version is 1.16.40 pls help me

  43. GripssPlayz says:

    I have a suggestion.

    Since the addon requires that you uninstall and reinstall the addon before it will work, I think you should make the .mcpack a different name like Project_Walker_1.0.0 and increase the numbers at the end as the addon gets more updates so that we don’t need to go through the hassle of the uninstall/reinstall process.

    Thanks again for the creative addon, keep up the good work!

  44. Kanaka_GUSASI says:

    Add reload animations and the reloading like actual guns. ( Not just by crafting)

  45. Davidshawn says:

    I have a suggestion can you make the guns
    3D it will be perfect
    That’s all my suggestion thank you??

  46. Eggpie2000 says:

    Bruh moment linkiverse is ez

  47. Dino Craft says:

    these addons are good but I came up with a lot of structures all over the place can solve this

  48. User6466 says:

    Linkvertise isn’t working, pls use adfly or something else pls

  49. ric says:

    This mod is great! Congrats and thank you!
    I think there’s only a bug.Once you have weakness by thirsty, youn can’t open loot packages.I don’t believe it’s intentional because you can open chests while having weakness and, you need to find the drinks to stop it. So, It wouldn’t make sense.
    Please, can you fix it?

  50. KuroNekoAlola says:

    It’s a great add-on and I love it and I know it’s complicated but I have a suggestion, because you need a lot of resources like food or ammo you should implement a kind of backpack among other things, that would save your loot and transport more item

  51. GripssPlayz says:

    How do you use the guns?


    When i install the addon it says “Failed to import duplicate pack detected”
    But i didnt install any addon of it

  53. wojtazet says:

    please change the gun sound and option so i can turn of the thirst

  54. IncognitoCD says:

    Very good, but a lot of bugs

  55. ur_russian_comrade13 says:

    When I put a Gun into a Item Frame, it doesn’t show the gun, it’s just invisible in the item frame

  56. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    Very Good addon
    Here are Some Of My Ideas
    Soldiers To Fight of Zombies And Bandits That Can Be Tamed With A Certain Item
    Vehicles Like Tanks And Cars[With Broken Remains If Destroyed]
    A Crashed Airplane [Structure]
    So Yeah…
    Also Try Adding in Temperature

  57. Abdal02 says:

    Could u pls add soldiers and also add taming options with wait/follow command just like in wolves??pls do let me know!TIA

  58. gameplaydennoob says:

    Mano Galo Os Sons Das São Ruins (Muito Baixos). Fica Parecendo Silenciador.
    Mas So Seu Sub No YouTube. Então 5 Estrelas. Mas Melhora Isso Por Favor

  59. Khumding.Hauzel says:

    I want to use this add-on for my YT channel

    I hope you allow me

    Just in case it needs credit

  60. FNAR says:

    Can you make this addon alternative way to get item like water bottle can use to recover hydrate bar because its really difficult to find loot especially at other biome. And make the hydrate bar drain slower same as hunger bar. Try to make this addon more interesting. And also make this addon work for eat other food like cooked beef, those original minecraft food. But by eating these could make us chance to get poison. Same as water bottle. Please response me.

  61. sugondesian says:

    and to add to the problems of this addon, the UMP-45 needs 9mm in this addon… WHY IS THAT?! IT’S LITERALLY CALLED AN UMP-45! THEREFORE IT SHOULD BE LOADED WITH .45 AMMO YET THE ADDON CAN’T EVEN GET THAT RIGHT! i’m not giving this 2 stars just for this reason. if you read my other review on this same addon you will know why I’m giving it 2 stars.

  62. Whiteninja9870 says:

    Your addon is great and can you add the survivor and bandits a gun

  63. RatoPower says:

    Mano vc podia fazer um bioma cheio de predios em ruinas ia ser top

  64. LAgamer says:

    it is a great addon, but the structures wont work unless the world is in experimental mode and if the world is in experimental mode the guns wont work. please fix this!

  65. Mobin10RO says:

    It was really great, especially the shape of the guns, but there is a problem that when you shoot with a gun, you know very little and I think you use a kind of sound, I think it is better to increase the variety of gun sounds and Turn up the volume and the second problem is that when you point, no image is captured from the camera. I think it’s better to get an idea from the creator of Actual Gun mode, but I think your mods are complementary, I wish you could You are new together

  66. oh my god my mistake! The guns DO shoot, but you gotta reload to get em working.
    so sorry

  67. also, you claim to have “fixed” it, you havent the guns still don’t shoot.

  68. I would install this mod as it looks great but of course, it’s linkvertise. MCPEDL has said many times to not use it as your download link and even deleted people’s posts that have a linkvertise link. The last time I installed a mod using linkvertise it gave me viruses so please if you want people to stop complaining just switch to, it’s much easier.

  69. sugondesian says:

    i genuinely don’t like how the spawning of vanilla mobs is disabled with this addon. it’s almost impossible to be even try to survive since i can’t find any animals or mobs that can give me the required resources to craft existing tools that would be extremely helpful to my survivala experience. not to mention, because there are no vanilla mobs spawning in survival i have to live off of finding loot crates which is much easier said than done. because of that, it gets repetitive almost instantly and completely rids of the charm that a normal minecraft survival is like. this addon would be much better if it didn’t disable spawning of mobs and animals.

  70. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    bRUH how da fuq do you even reload??? i cant use the gun

  71. adry says:

    Hey mano galo, sei que é brasileiro, vou facilitar a tradução ?
    Estou me divertindo muito com o addon, a experiência está ótima, você está tornando esse um dos melhores addons do site
    Uma pergunta, por que você retirou as prisões?, eram as estruturas mais legais ?
    Sucesso pra você irmão
    (for those who speak only English, just ignore this assessment)

    • MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

      Hey bro, I know it’s Brazilian, I’ll facilitate the translation ?
      I’m having a lot of fun with the addon, the experience is great, you’re making this one of the best addons on the site
      One question, why did you remove the prisons ?, were the coolest structures ?
      Success to you brother

  72. Inexactsquid900 says:

    Really good addon. Probably the best but here’s some things you should add.
    -since these guns are 3D it would be awesome to add a minigun that actually spins
    -a flare gun that catches mobs on fire
    -An rpg that doesn’t cause world damage instead it has explosions
    -a few blocks what you would see in a zombie apocalypse like barbed wires
    -civilians with guns
    -civilians that are nice (shoots if you attack them)
    -civilians that aren’t nice (attacks you as they see you)
    Some sound pack fox example when you hit someone with a shovel it makes a metallic sound
    -a flashlight that works
    -and this is completely random but maybe abandoned vehicles that are lootable
    If you add these it would make this addon much better
    And also can you switch to adfly instead of using linkvertise? It’s annoying

  73. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Linkvertise is Banned you know

  74. Somethings Off When I go to link vertise I don’t see the Articles button and stuff

  75. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    3 starts, next time put them in an MCADDON file, not 2 seperate files

  76. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Ah yes, 3D Guns

  77. redHoodie says:

    I like this addon I can see that you put all of your efforts on this masterpiece and this gives me more inspiration to add more contents to my PUBG Vehicles addon Great Job Man!

  78. HeroTheHood says:

    Hi,I like this addon very much, can I have permission for your gun textures? I just want to use it so I can learn how to make good Add-on in the future.

  79. Mano Galo says:

    I will add these, thanks for the suggestion

  80. TheHybred says:

    This addon is cool but has someone who has used a lot of addons this is probably one of the laggiest ones I’ve ever used. I really hope you optimize it in a future update

  81. Satria Rex says:

    Just add a car. . .
    Im need that for survival

  82. Sam hilbert says:

    Hey Guys Are ya Know How to skip LinkVersite?!

  83. Davianortis says:

    I love this addon but its missing one thing and im sure other people are thinking the same, Grenades

  84. Davianortis says:

    How do i reload?

  85. Yazuko Gamer says:

    There is a big issue my Minecraft version is somehow when I open my world with your addon it just freezes please fix this issue thank you. (My bad I forgot to rate)

  86. Yazuko Gamer says:

    There is a big issue my Minecraft version is somehow when I open my world with your addon it just freezes please fix this issue thank you

  87. Ugugubygyvyvyvy says:

    I thought it was adfly or mediafire but it is linkvertise. Now everyone hates linkvertise and even mcpedl.Just change the link so I can play it !!!!!!!???????

  88. wojtazet says:

    could you make like a guns mod? really your guns are well made you can just get guns scripts and ammo from this one

  89. wojtazet says:

    when i have this then i can’t have my skin

  90. DTechGamer says:

    I realized that this is only compatible with Windows 10 not mobile, I’m so stupid.. ?. Bruh…

  91. ILikeRustySpoons says:


    • Mr. Noodles says:


    • Mano Galo says:

      no, mcpedl never ban linkvertise, unfortunately you must have had a bad experience with a link and another creator, but I inform you that if you follow the installation tutorial you will succeed, and it will take less than 30 seconds to reach mediafire

  92. Player_alone says:

    Pls adiciona carro que posa ser feitos no sobrevivência

    Armas 3D no stand de armaduras (só cosmético sou detalhista) pois seria bem bonito e muitas pessoas gostariam desse detalhe : ) principalmente para mapas personalizados

    Garrafas podem ser enchidas em 1.rios baldes de água fervida que seriao feitas pela fornalha

    Uma raríssima taxa de Spawn de helicópteros

    air droop

    E mochilas ou compatibilidade com um addon de mochilas no casso o Vanilla backpack

    Armas de combate direto 3D (opicional pois lembrei do mod desimation pra PC)

  93. Wailin says:

    there are a few things uncertain
    such as how u refill syringes and water bottles?
    can u also make it so that the water will refill if u drink water bottles that were already in the game
    also ammo is pretty uncomman

  94. Wailin says:

    can u make it so that animals spawn and regular mobs

  95. Dk2 says:

    With all due respect this will be a better add-on if you just add more guns and fix the crashes and fix the goddamn gun sound effects! For the last fucking time. No offense

  96. Dk2 says:

    For the last time read the damn comments and atleast respect our suggestions and say something!!!
    I’m not being rude I’m just pissed that you don’t read the damn comments! At least respect your fans suggestions


    Bruh i crash when i get hit by a zombie or human

  98. Unknow Newbie says:

    Bug: the game that having ammo getting from command still can’t shoot

  99. GokuT43 says:

    Great addon, but can you make the guns a bit louder?

  100. can you please add function commands or have the items available in the inventory?

    thx 😀

  101. adry says:

    the thirst bar is invisible to me

  102. wojtazet says:

    is this like a escape from tarkov mod? because i really seems like

  103. Please change the link from linkvertise to adfly cuz mcpedl banned it

  104. Catastrophe says:

    Ok why did I rate 2? Because some of the guns won’t work and some are only 1 bullet that’s all have a nice day

  105. joons says:

    holy shit the guns look good but i have one possible suggestion could you make it that when you zoom in with some of the guns that you look through the scope? i know its already been done before with another mod but itll be cool to see it here and kids stop complaining about that you dont want a virus on ur mommys ipad cuz of linkversitile yeah its trash but it works and it funds the creators if im right

  106. Michael Myers says:

    Hello,can you add please more zombies and infected

  107. Thebeastgamer1522 says:

    I mean linkvertise

  108. Thebeastgamer1522 says:

    Bro why linkerverse anyways mcpedl will ban contents with linkerverse i swear they will cause i just say there rweets in twitter

  109. dorlonkho says:

    You guys can use the gun by reloading it from. To get it by command, enter the gun name and it will appear as a candidate. To reload craft the gun from and the corresponding ammo.

  110. dongbadao says:

    I’m having a project about Crafting Dead Aftermath addon, and I will add almost all the food, weapons, drinks, and some more. Your addon was so good for me to study. Thank you!!!

  111. ASADVENTURE says:

    Do you can make 1 addon Water Hotbar? 🙁 i want a addon just water hotbar

  112. Dk2 says:

    I rated it three stars cause the guns’s sounds are very crappy but still your add-on is still nice. However you must fix the damn audio or the sound effects of the guns, with all due respect. And please do not replace the armour cause it’s not natural and not very solid material. Still a nice addon

  113. dorlonkho says:

    Gun does not work

  114. Dragon Black says:

    loved it so much, please add bazooka, grenades (flash, frag and smoke) and molotov 3d.?❤?

  115. Catbr says:

    Ei Mano Galo, tem um canal chamado NOBROLA que fez o link direto pro Mediafire ao invés de fazer o link pro MCPEDL, ou seja, ele não te deu créditos. Te recomendo ir no canal dele e falar com ele, por que isso é errado.

  116. Creepy96 says:

    Hello, in my map with this good mod this mod bug because my persnalized skin are bug in steve. Thanks

  117. Guest-1009836113 says:

    Please put a link to the media fire download instead of linkvertise.

    • BlueBerryMC says:

      I Appreciate This as You Just Bring Back My Good Old Days When Popular MMOS Use to Make Crafting Dead Series I Loved It and It’s Almost Similar But For MCPE I Love it Might also do a Review If Ok YT-BlueBerryShake Minecraft Thanks ?

    • rodneyneerings455 says:

      thats to support him because number 1 he made the guns 3d and he textured the items and the zombies so cut him some slack

      • MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

        Adfly is still easier than degenerated linkvertise, plus he spilt the files into two, which is even harder if u shorten it with linkvertise! i tried it and i still cant pass it!

  118. Guest-9658356241 says:

    Fix the guns

  119. Guest-8402610035 says:

    no linkversite i need pay to get

  120. Guest-2448052965 says:


  121. Guest-9539602150 says:

    Any updates on when guns will be fixed?

  122. Guest-9452104921 says:

    Pls add backpacks

  123. Guest-5811478784 says:

    What should I do if all the entities are invisible? tho overall good addon!

  124. Guest-8413518629 says:


  125. Guest-2088596694 says:

    very bad.

  126. Guest-5518986636 says:

    How do i reload the guns

  127. Guest-9050196038 says:

    When will be the next update?

  128. Guest-5707505462 says:

    To the people who say Guns don’t shoot or you cant reload why don’t you use your head and figure it out. that’s how I figured it out. to reload guns you go to crafting and put the gun on top of the ammunition. this will not work if you use the wrong ammunition

  129. Guest-5807698320 says:

    Good addon, except the guns do not work at all. I’ve tried everything i can think of and they still cannot shoot or be reloaded! Please fix this asap, because i think this will be my new favorite addon once the guns work!

  130. The_Oddtist says:

    Also the text for the items are weird like a string of code “” something like that. Just thought I would let you know that.

  131. Guest-8907579598 says:

    Sry I found out why some guns aren’t shooting you can’t shoot the guns if you get them by commands you must break the boxes and those guns shoot and check the ammo type for each and make sure

  132. The_Oddtist says:

    Hi, I see a lot of bad comments for this addon. however, I tried it myself and I gotta say, this addon is awesome. It works well with my mobile edition and I can shoot and reload, spaghettijet is awesome too but his lags on my phone, yours does not. There was a issue about the zombies sometimes one hit ko’ing us. And I would like to suggest armours that look like it fits with the theme. But other than that everything is great! I am excited to see where this leads

  133. Guest-8161719699 says:

    Guns don’t even shoot is this a bug or what version is this for because I’m on 1.16

  134. SuperTrooperGaming says:

    I really like this addon it’s just…
    I can’t reload any guns! I have tried crafting the Ammo with the gun also! Do I need a crafting table? Please help!

  135. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    *looks* *cool*

  136. Guest-1205092023 says:

    Wow I actually thought it cost money and then I found this button

  137. Guest-4548687693 says:

    ngl bro ur addon is epic more epic than spaghettijets

  138. Guest-4078150389 says:

    Nice Addon

  139. Guest-8424346879 says:

    Just find some loot box

  140. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    People who are like “Screw the people who complains” are kind of stupid, if we didn’t complain bugs and sht the creator wouldn’t know what to fix.

  141. Guest-3238736817 says:

    Screw the hates, the bigger picture is that this is going to be a total conversion addon
    something I’ve been looking for, for a very long time. but I found any nor never knew how to mod minecraft, create addon or texture pack.

    I’m definitely going to try this addon out, the project and idea is great and ambitious,
    it changes the entirety of how I’d play my minecraft world.

    There should definitely be more total conversions, it would make minecraft so much more interesting.

  142. Gunovski says:

    I You get the guns via /give you need to get the empty one then reload it as the already loaded one does not work.

  143. Guest-9746394518 says:

    For the people who are complaining that the guns aren’t working… I don’t know, they work for me and the reload system is the same as XM Guns (crafting table) although the gun has to be COMPLETELY EMPTY for you to reload. There’s a lot of potential here, although my only complaint is, the breaking your legs function is cool in concept. But its just monotonous. Either fix it so where the height you jump off of has to be greater, or get rid of it entirely. Hope to see this get updated soon because I think this could or perhaps be better than Spagethizs Zombie Addon (in some aspects, also an opinion, he’s a great mod creator too)

  144. Guest-8354064705 says:

    Love it. I know this type of addon will come after the game The Last Of Us ps4 . Thankyou . I know you can make it more realistic and more better .

  145. Guest-1268807974 says:

    Can’t shoot! Pls fix it!

  146. Hacksts12 says:

    Agrega bombas nucleares

  147. Guest-6716773952 says:

    ActualGun or Spaghettijet is better than this, you cant reload or shoot LOL :v

  148. SkedleLmaoooooo says:

    Can’t Shoot nor Reload…

  149. Guest-6311172802 says:

    Remember Guys, This Is Just A Project And It’s Not Finish At All

  150. Guest-6076583445 says:

    My FPS it’s so bad with this mod

  151. Guest-3618505964 says:

    Please change the link man!

  152. Guest-8376832372 says:

    How Do You Reload? Ammo Don’t Work

  153. Guest-5199872881 says:

    Guns Don’t Work At All

  154. Guest-9574090576 says:

    I can’t shoot guns

  155. MrNifrit says:

    How to get weapons in survival?

  156. Guest-6619199727 says:

    kys linkvertise just use mediafire or even adfly you degenerate

  157. Guest-4082697060 says:

    kys linkvertise

  158. Guest-7388663014 says:

    Thirst? Infection?

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