Published on September 16, 2021 (Updated on September 26, 2021)

Props And Furnitures Addon

This Addon adds over 10-16 furnitures inside Minecraft and this is on BETA Version for now some furnitures can be interactable such as chairs, oven, television,and lots of furniture to collect..


This addon has lots of chairs and other stuff and it can be useful for city and role-play maps

You can seat at any chairs :)

Furniture List:

- Small Table

- Drawers

- Chairs and It has lots of variants

- Oven (It will gonna be fully function soon)

- Grocery Stand

- Cabinets 

- Television

- Washing Area

- Classroom chairs

- Lights

- Glass Windows


Just go to the inventory tab and choose crate then get a stonecutter and use to get some furnitures

I'll gonna improve an crafting system because It just be functioned in creative for now so It will be appeared in survival soon.

This Addon was Inspired from Loled's Furnitures Addon Link Here


Here's the Youtube Showcase:


Select version for changelog:


Add an showcase video and Adding few details to understand no changes for now


Here's the tips how to download the addon so you won't get confused

  1. Download via on website
  2. Download the resource pack
  3. Wait for five seconds
  4. Read an article for 10 seconds
  5. Go to the download page
  6. Repeat Between Step 2 - 5 for the behavior pack
  7. Enjoy..

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Bro u are good addon make the furniture are block non
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Wow this Is awesome can you add more furniture
5 stars
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Sure I'm just plan to make this Addon made for normal and aesthetic uses which can be useful for upcoming updates..
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