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Published on July 21, 2021

Puhon Deathrun!

Welcome to Puhon Deathrun!This is a short deathrun minigame map that is inspired from the deathrun version of TheHive Server!Play this minigame map with your friends and compete with rankings! :D 


How to Play?

  • Need at least 3 players or more before playing the game
  • 2 random players will be given the role of "Death"
  • "Death" will activate the traps to kill the runners and preventing them to finish the game
  • "Runners" will try to escape the Deaths and finish the game as soon as possible
  • You can also select your role as "Death" at the lobby before playing
  • Players without "Death" roles before starting the game will be "Runners" automatically


  • Traps for Deaths to activate each have 15 seconds cooldown
  • Leap Feather for Runners to leap off ahead of other players or traps
  • Ranking system after finishing the game for runners
  • Bonus parkour course at lobby, try to finish it to obtain exciting rewards!
  • Fireworks!
  • And more!

Future update:

  • Points system to both runners and death roles
  • Shop for the points obtained
  • Upgraded version of leap feather for mobile players
  • And more!


Please feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions!


  • Puhon_Deathrun_v1.0.0.mcworld (610.55 KB)

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5 / 5 (2 votes)
Bro,,Op💥...This is what called a real wonder minigame map...Thanks bro..
Keep going...
Suggestions:- Bro,Use a scoreboard command it will help a lot...
And if u need help feel free with me i will help u with my desire🤗😊
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Very good, here is 5 stars :) also I love how you copied the Hive deathrun, but its great :^
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