Published on November 28, 2022

Quark: Extras 0.1

    Quark Extras is an add-on to the Quark mod, with the purpose of re-implementing some previously removed features. Some examples of removed features include stained planks, and the crystal blocks!

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- Re-added the cave crystal blocks 

- Re-added the elder prismarine blocks 

- Re-added glowcelium Re-added turf blocks 

- Re-added tallow 

- Re-added quilted wool 

- Re-added ender biotite 

- Re-added voidstone 

- Re-added marble 

- Re-added pavement blocks 

- Re-added brimstone 

- Re-added stained planks and vertical stained planks


 Known issues:

  1. Slow block-breaking
  2. Can occasionally see through custom block models (Mojang's problem)


!! Please report other bugs or issues to my discord if you find any !! (


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can u update the quark,and bringing the two add-ons together?
I'm trying to keep feature parody between quark and the Java edition counterpart. This is a work-around to add some beloved removed features such as the crystal blocks and later the speleothem.