Quark: Bedrock Edition 0.4.5

    Quark is a Minecraft Java Edition mod by Vazkii (https://quark.vazkii.net) which adds small little features that just fit perfectly with the base game.  My goal is to recreate his entire mod inside of bedrock edition so that mobile and console users can also play with it!

    Just as a side note, I'm not done! There be so~ many more features coming in the future, so just hold tight!

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(Have been moved to a separate Addon called 'Quark Extras')


- Changed bamboo mat block textures

- Made bamboo mat properly adjust

- Removed inventory box entity

- Added glow shroom rings

- Fixed "Glow Shroom"'s name

- Changed big glow shroom generation

- Changed bamboo mat to bamboo mat block

- Added bamboo mat (carpet)

- Added all wood variants of stripped posts

- Added iron pillar

- Added grate

- Added iron rod

     Known issues:

  1. Slow block-breaking
  2. Can occasionally see through custom block models (Mojang's problem)
  3. Glowshroom blocks don't work like other mushroom blocks


!! Please report other bugs or issues to my discord if you find any !! (https://discord.gg/vj4Ftey)


Installation Guides

does it work on any version from 1.19?
I have been having issues with the textures they don't want to load right and also i put a twitter post read it for me that explains the picture I gave you explains it
Um, apparently i found out whenever i have this mod installed, it apparently caused some behavior issues. I attempted to make sticks, but apparently the Quark mod straight up removed the recipe. I know sticks are that BIG of a deal, but for things like tools, bows, weapons, and any of that sort, THEN it becomes a worse situation. Do you know any ideas on how to fix this? Or am i not able to fix it and i have to wait until it is fixed?
Hello! Thanks for creating this, but I have one question, will you add the chests? You know quark adds a feature that makes chests uniquely textured depending on the wood you used, thank you!
love the addon but i recently reinstalled minecraft and due to the fact linkvertise recently resorted to less than ethical methods of monitization like forcing me to install a browser no one will ever use or a gaming extension i dont want ive recently been unable to use it, due to he fact i dont comply with linkvertises less than ethical practices, is there any possibility for alternative download links?
if not thank you for reading the comment anyway, have a nice day
If you make an account you can click, "Download with MCPEDL." So check if it shows up
Honestly I have no clue if it’s possible but can you add the redstone components? Even they don’t do anything they look cool.
If possible,can add the feature that allows you to place a block directly under the block your standing on?
glowcelium removed why?? it was such a beautiful block
the mod is wonderful the blocks are amazing to decorate, but what about the mobs??
I would love to see them again ^-^
I really love the crystal blocks ^-^
When will you put them back?
Did you just accidentally remove them?
Will you put them back?
Please put them back