Bedrocktimize (Quick and Organized settings + FPS options)

Bedrocktimize is a really useful resource pack that adds and allows you to access many settings that are organized in their respective settings panels. Bedrocktimize changes the settings interface and start screen interface while keeping minecraft’s vanilla style.

How Does It Work?

Bedrocktimize organizes all avaible and some hidden minecraft settings into custom panels that allows the player to have an easier time finding game specific options for an overall better vanilla experience.


The 3 main panels include

  • Player
  • Graphics
  • Advanced Video

There is a fourth panel, but that is for features and creator information.

Quick Toggles:

Changing player perspective is easier than ever! You can go into F5 mode with the single tap of a button! No more need for dropdowns!

Nature Visuals:

Tired of creepers hiding in tall grass? Want to explore water biomes like oceans and swamps but get blocked by water fog? This pack changes that! Features include:

  • No water fog
  • Six-sided grass path blocks
  • Low plants

Start Screen:

Not much to say here, you get the idea!

Many other features are in here but they’re small ones, so you’ll just have to find them!

Do not upload to any other sites without my permisson! Give credit to me and a direct link to mcpedl. Anyone in violation ofthis will recive a copyright strike and a video take down! Don’t use my files for your own creations either!

Creator Information:



Changelog View more

Changes in v9.0.1

  • Nether fog is no longer light blue

Bedrocktimize v9.0.0

Quick Access:

-Switching Player perspective is faster than ever!

Start Menu:

-Revamped start scree

-Bedrocktimize version now visible


-Combined accessibility with sound

-Removed suggested settings (Green highlight text)

-Panels no longer open panels that shouldn't be opened


-Updated chat UI


-Made hotbar opacity 100% to match Java's

-Removed custom crosshair

-All double plants are now 1 block tal

-Removed water fog

-Grass paths now have top texture on all 6 sides

-Added new minecraft title to start screen

-Toggle perspective buttons now have glyphs


-Removed pvp subpack and combined it with the main pack (Low plants)

-Removed unnecessary duplicate files

-Fixed JSON errors


Once you hit the download you will be directed to adfly. Once you are there wait 10-15 seconds and you will be redirected to mediafire. Don't click any advertisments and deny all notification options.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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Installation Guides

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189 Responses

4.12 / 5 (69 votes)
  1. Guest-2311703464 says:

    hi whats the debug hud?

  2. Guest-2183852803 says:

    Pls add the crosshair back

  3. Guest-1494755853 says:

    you just press skip the ad, then you click allow, if you have redirected to mediafire, you go to settings-site settings-notification-and block websites related to

  4. Guest-3048856879 says:

    If you want to prevent me from sending you notifications only accept, after I load the page go to the notification settings and block it

  5. Guest-1617088150 says:

    Owner please update this

  6. Guest-4350902376 says:

    I like it good creator

  7. Guest-2415469364 says:

    How do I disable the change in the start screen? I just dont like it, personally. It felt a little overboard and intrusive. Like its customized for the taste of the maker, not for the user. The previous version that changed the yellow texts was already like creepy, begging for attention, although that was fine and can be ignored.

  8. Guest-2102013988 says:

    Adfly makes this impossible to download without allowing a bunch of garbage sites to send you notifications

    • Guest-1674376044 says:

      Dude just wait dont allow

    • Guest-7125892508 says:

      you just press skip the ad, then you click allow, if you have redirected to mediafire, you go to settings-site settings-notification-and block websites related to

  9. Guest-9335993254 says:


    • Guest-6985622247 says:

      it’s been 3 months. and, when you posted this, one month. it hasn’t even been that long!

  10. Guest-4029372285 says:

    I seem to be in a pickle. I have the download in my downloads tab for safari version 13.0.5. But it won’t let me transport it to the files app where I move the file to Minecraft. I still have 4 stars it look very useful.

    • Guest-6145577597 says:

      Bruhh you dont know how to download it

      • Guest-7357882080 says:

        you just press skip the ad, then you click allow, if you have redirected to mediafire, you go to settings-site settings-notification-and block websites related to

  11. Guest-7903321441 says:

    I can barely download it your link is broken.

  12. Guest-9663428927 says:

    Cant download without spam by allowing them to have access to my notifications. Not a trust worthy modder if they allow this.

    • Guest-6310906367 says:

      Hey nether ninja…this is kinda late but can i ask permission to use ur addon to my videos?
      Btw im Aristicrow on YT pls dont strike me…lets just be friends…

  13. Guest-9921644456 says:

    Can you put the F5 toggle to the top of screen?
    Thats way more easier
    Because my phone freeze like 2 seconds when i click the settings

  14. Guest-6286041028 says:

    Make a button on top screen to change view perspective in mcpe it’s way faster

  15. Guest-6898634890 says:


  16. Guest-8730382980 says:

    Dude, thank you very much, I loved your resource pack, I wish you would get a resource pack that has a quick change of perspective, since PE players have always had that problem, I thank you in advance

  17. UlisesQ says:

    quite effective but I would like you to return the original water color

  18. I just need the quick perspective toggle

  19. Anonymous says:

    Very good resourse but i dont understand the F5 toggle, could you explain it?

  20. DTechGamer says:

    MediaFire download: www Erase the space after the www to make the link work. 🙂

  21. DTechGamer says:

    MediaFire download: www Erase the space after the www to make the link work.

  22. Creeper88 says:

    I can’t download it because the link doesn’t work. Can you please use a direct link to Mediafire? It would be much more efficient and convenient.

  23. Zard says:

    It helps a lot, the menu is much simpler and more complete. But, I wish that someday I had a button to easily change the perspective without having to pause the game. Need updates.

  24. Guest-9762348523 says:

    Direct Link Pls I Got A Virus…

  25. Guest-6359216107 says:

    Can you make mediafire link?
    I can’t download it
    It’s always go to

    • Deny the notification and it will move on, it will do this 4 times and will take you to the redirect

    • Guest-6948537803 says:

      you just press skip the ad, then you click allow, if you have redirected to mediafire, you go to settings-site settings-notification-and block websites related to

  26. Guest-2988310746 says:

    why is this just an empty mcpack file?

  27. Guest-9802356278 says:

    Would you mind creating another pack with the “Quick Toggles” option only? Thank you a lot in advance and sorry for being too greedy

  28. Guest-3412741426 says:

    HELP! Whenever I tried to download this mod it downloaded as a file and I don’t get it

    • Anonymous says:

      .mcpack and .zip work interchangeably, just remove the .zip part using rename window in the properties menu

  29. Guest-4817938161 says:

    You should add this to the texture pack category, not mods & addons

  30. Eldeston says:

    I wasn’t able to use it because the file was empty when I downloaded it…

  31. Guest-1002611935 says:

    This is something every pe player should have !!!

  32. Myth AIX says:

    If you can, please change the visual switch components to the game page, and pause button, chat button together, I think this is very convenient, It’s like the Chinese version of Netease’s Minecraft
    Finally, I use translation software to comment, hoping to understand.ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~

  33. aydenMC says:

    I’ve used this pack countless times, and I love it! However, it won’t import into Minecraft

  34. Zeyad981 says:

    Note : I Still haven’t Downloaded This

    Can The Texture Tweaks Be Disabled? If it can’t be thats a big oof for the Resource Pack.

  35. DAREZ says:

    do you have a chat tab completer?

  36. Guest-3703155172 says:

    Works perfectly, ima test FPS by explode sum tee and tee

  37. Guest-5747429716 says:

    Which folder does this go in?

  38. Guest-2086553773 says:

    the link isn’t working

  39. Guest-3636176876 says:

    Made the link in mediafire or direct


  40. you should make better settings but not have the texture tweaks

  41. Guest-3448353627 says:

    Finally after over a year it’s updated!

  42. User-8526164531 says:


  43. RexperzPlayz says:

    It’s a good texture pack, but I just don’t understand the purpose/functions of the PvP option

  44. Phoonwac says:

    The Resource is really good except for the fact that its not adapted to all the changes for recent updates. Also whenever I click on Advanced Graphics it opens the help menu for no reason.

  45. Help says:

    Plz update the addon there’s a problem in 1.3

  46. Funkiestcord67 says:

    pls change the site to:
    choice 1: strait to mediafire or
    choice 2:

  47. Nick says:

    The link doesn’t work

  48. ABHISEK says:

    How to craft ? Since the ‘●●●’ button has gone in android and ios
    This is the only problem otherwise it has really boosted the fps

  49. ..... says:

    Is this texture pack commercial use allowed? Because I’m pretty sure badlion and lunar clients are stealing your add on

  50. ADFLY OR MEDIAFIRE!!!! says:

    Ohh btw it worked!(THE ADDON!) amazing addon!

  51. andrew says:

    link doesnt work

  52. Vitor says:

    I can’t download, when i click in the “go to page” after checking the CAPTCHA it enter on an site so i click the back button and the download link doesn’t show bc the CAPTCHA part appear again and again, i only can download the 4.0.0 version using the link on your video (the mediafire page, i just copied that manually ;-;) but 4.0.0 makes mi game bug idk why. Please help

    • Not the Creater, Just know it. says:

      When u get to tmern press captcha and go to Do it over and over again till it open’s media fire.

  53. Jc says:

    When I want to download it , it brings me to tmearn and I don’t know where the download button is and there are 2 green download buttons they bring me to free proxy and I just go back here . So how do I download it (by the way ios here)

  54. Aman says:

    I wish that the cursor should be normal!!!

  55. GBAM says:

    Hey creator, I wanna translate it to Chinese? I wanna upload it? Could you agree? please, And thank you!!

  56. Austin says:

    It works!

  57. Sean says:

    The hide HUD and hide hand toggles clash with the rest of the buttons, so could you make them buttons instead of switches that toggle the HUD and hand visibility on and off?

  58. Kii says:

    please add fancy leaves in fancy graphics off

  59. EndLord says:

    This is awesome! Thanks to this resource pack, Minecraft can now run faster on my slow phone!

  60. HirwrC says:

    The download link is just stupid. I don’t say that I can’t download it, but some other people might not recognize the legit download button. They can easily get virus! Please make it with adfly or without these stupidities…

  61. bestGaming says:

    Is it possibile to make the camera perspective to the pause menu?

  62. Shmow says:

    I think this is a bit misleading to put (FPS Boost) in the title, it doesn’t really help with FPS that much at all, if any. Why put FPS Boost in the title? Are you trying to get glory for yourself or something? I hate when people do this. Its ok to be honest too.

    • I hate when people don’t know what they’re talking about. There is 2 BIG settings options that can’t be found in the default game. These 2 settings are “fps slider” and “partical render distance” which GREATLY impact performance issues

  63. RealR86/R86 says:

    Bro need a cps counter That will be beat I can’t find anywhere



  65. VincentPlayz8059 says:

    This is really awesome! But what if you also make a way to change perspective by just going to menu(not MAIN MENU and settings) because in some low end devises when opening the settings it takes like 5 seconds will lag after that settings will just pop up

  66. Anonzh773 says:

    The link isnt working it just says file not found

  67. AnonzGaming2 says:

    can you please repost the link? because im unable to download this addon. Thanks

  68. Angrywolf378 says:

    I can activate the addon but the only thing that happens is that pvp mode thing shows up and nothing else.

  69. Whitedragonred says:

    where did u make dis addon

  70. JJ / deafgeek says:

    Using your add-on breaks seagrass.png. Log in. Look at seagrass/seaweed it cycles between small seagrass and really messed up oversized seagrass. Loading in a texture pack with default seagrass files above your add-on doesn’t fix it. Removing your add-on does fix it.

  71. xGreenSlimex says:


    • Phoonwac says:

      The Resource is really good except for the fact that its not adapted to all the changes for recent updates. Also whenever I click on Advanced Graphics it opens the help menu for no reason.

  72. Website Fail says:

    Please make it MediaFire

  73. minebuilder3 says:

    It doesn’t work for me so you mind putting it in a Mediafire link too cause my tablet works good with those links!

  74. Markolavid says:

    I have having a problem with the download site ,it just take me into and there is nothing but trash if you could bring your download site in the mediafire that would be nice.I really wanted to download this pls help me out

  75. Ivan says:

    The download link doesn’t work at all

  76. Redd1 says:

    This addon is incredible!
    I have a question, could it be possible to make a option that let you zoom in/reduce fov when pressing a button on a controller?

  77. CrIsScRIpz says:

    The Download link doesnt work

  78. Kevengpsx25 says:

    The exit button is not being translated.

  79. Millesnafidz says:

    Can You Make It So That Quick Play Loads Up The World Thats On The Very Top Of Your Worlds List In The Play Menu Or Make It So It Load Up The Create World Menu First Than Just Staight Up Into A Wolrd

  80. Invisibleender2 says:

    Absolutely love the addon, its perfect!

  81. TheBeastly says:

    This changed my life good job!

  82. Hey, you took some files from my autocompletion addon and changed the transform settings around. At least you should have asked for my permission before you could use it in your Addon.

  83. BITE says:

    Cool, And I was asking how can I split screen in MCW10E?

  84. Anonymous says:

    What is the inventory tweak? I don’t see it.

  85. Frem says:

    You need to update the add on pack, cuz’ the new update has a slight graphics change like fancy bubbles

  86. Lord_Drakostar says:

    Uk what? Im gettin it. Wish meh loock!

  87. Lord_Drakostar says:

    —!List of Things I Think You Should Add!
    Info Under Items Including:
    Burn Time
    Meme or Funny Comment (On Occasions)
    Hardcore and Spectators Modes Quick Available (For Aesthetics)
    The ? Leading to Info About all the Items About Minecraft Even Further, Divided by Categories Such as Bricks

    That’s it for now, I will update this list! 😀

  88. Anonymous says:

    Best addon so far there’s a reason why there’s the max framerate slider added now my minecraft will not lag as much than before anyways this works I’m on iOS and nothing glitchy or whatever has happened everything is still good

  89. Manuel says:

    Hello again if he can be a good weekend

  90. Lord_Drakostar says:

    Can you add it so that we csn customname ourselves on xbox accounts.

  91. NOTE: If the addon doesn’t pop up from installing it, restart your game!

  92. Aceminer46 says:

    For some reason this resource, after I applied it, caused all of my Buttons concerning resources or behaviors to disappear. My storage and global resource buttons are nowhere to be found. Please fix this.

  93. How did you... says:

    It’s amazing but can you make a addon which the camera perspective is in the pause menu?

  94. Dawego says:

    Why you forgot the texture pack menu (it didn’t show when I played). I’m stuck with this glitchy pack. Now I have to uninstall minecraft and my worlds because I’m ios. Please fix this

  95. HDJSJ says:

    I want to make a ui pack but I don’t want to code one help!

  96. Florian Meixner says:

    Nice Addon

  97. tenderblocks says:

    It’s a great pack but there’s an error that the child controls need to have unique names and this will be an error and the file won’t load in the future. Please fix.

  98. billybobthorninmyass says:

    add a screen capture button and a delete world button next to worlds.
    also if possible give an option to leave a world without saving

  99. StereoTitan says:

    I love the addon, you hardworked it, everyone thinks its not enough, but its enough to me, 🙂

  100. JohnCraft says:


  101. TheGoodDude says:

    I would take away “FOV can be altered by gameplay” and make it “Hide HUD”

  102. Vladu11 says:

    You should add “Hide HUD” (Hide hand is kinda useledd without Hide HUD) Other then that, very usefull & well made add-on, Congrats NetherNinja!

  103. Random guy says:

    Its pretty good, but the only thing is that you need to get into the code to remove the “netherninja” splash texts.

  104. xSK8Z00x says:

    lol, you changed the splash texts. XD Could u make a resource pack that makes the FOV and perspective settings appear on screen in-game? That would help a lot!

  105. Abudi says:

    I got all the setup I need but all I need to learn is to code 🙁 I’m making an resource pack for my self because it’s a bit ugly and I only changed the items

  106. Random guy says:

    Please add a render distance button

  107. ChickenBratYT says:

    Your lucky to have your addons/textures uploaded here! But honestly yours are better than mine, let’s be real!

  108. TutoCraft says:


  109. Bryan says:

    How about Camera Perspective at outside ? i want this on pause button left

  110. xHaeilleh says:

    It could be better. I wish there was a “F-5” mode while playing you could switch

  111. KingJeff314 says:

    Add hide HUD in addition to hide HUD.

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