Published on December 21, 2018 (Updated on May 10, 2019)

Wearable Cape Banners Addon

Want a cape in minecraft bedrock but don't want to edit apks and possibly get in trouble? Use this addon. It adds cape like banners in your world that spawn in random locations in the overworld.

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Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug that prevented players from shooting

  targets with projectiles if they had a cape attached

  to them.

-Fixed an issue with the animation clipping into the player's skin.

-Fixed a typo in the /function command.


-Capes no longer take explosion damage.

-Capes no longer take projectile damage.

-Capes no longer take fire damage.

-Capes can only be removed from the world by using the

  "Despawn Stick".

-Reduced cape's hitbox.

-Added loot tables to give you back most of your items

  once the cape has been destroyed.

-Emerald sword texture can be obtained only if the emerald tools

  addon is installed on the same world.

-Sped up the cape animation.


-Despawn Stick: This items allows the player to right click

  or hold on a cape if he or she wishes to remove it.

-Despawn Stick can be craft with one blaze rod and one stick.

-New patterns: Magma, Drowned, YouTube, Checkered, Chess, and

  Emerald Sword.

-Gave the magma and drowned capes a "glowing" texture.


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i cant donload the mod cause i cant use the website so can u please make it a mediafire link those are so much easier thanks.
i hope u can fix this bug
please nethierninja
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Would it be better if you post the media fire link btw bad mod make it better
Can this work for 1.17 OR 1.18
Great Addon keep it up!
Add: at starting

A link to addon
do you not think the download sites are extremely sketchy? there's like some 50 popups per second, and even after getting through those, rather than taking me to the desired mediafire page it instead downloads "your link is almost ready.exe"
Hello, I really enjoy this add on. I wanted to know if I could alter the textures for my realm. I will not be posting it anywhere and will not take credit, it’s a realm for me and my friends ONLY. So I have no reason to take credit anyway lol. Thanks -BG
Also by the way, the download is very confusing, do you mind telling me what to do?
If it’s a cool realm, can I be ur friend?
Remyaddyunicorn_122lovelevally July 09, 2021 at 12:21 pm
I can't find the button add it?