Published on December 23, 2017 (Updated on October 11, 2021)

Bedrocktimize (Quick & Organized Settings + FPS Options)

Bedrocktimize is a really useful resource pack that adds and allows you to access many settings that are organized in their respective settings panels. Bedrocktimize changes the settings interface and start screen interface while keeping minecraft's vanilla style.

Creator Information

Bedrocktimize Twitter • Creator Twitter • YouTube • Discord • MCPEDL Creations


Organized Settings • FPS Booster • Unlocked Options

     Bedrocktimize focuses on the organization of settings and many quality of life changes while also focusing on boosting player's performance. Some of these changes include 3 new setting panels, revamped start screen, quick toggles, clear water, lower mipmap levels, and much more I'll get to down below. Bedrocktimize is NOT made by optifine or linked to it. Bedrocktimize CAN however help you some severe cases of lag/FPS issues.

Changes to Settings:

     Changes to settings include the Player, Graphics, and Advanced Videos panels. The 5 new panels take the current video panel and divides them so certain options can be found quicker. I've also added options that can not be found in the current game like Vsync and the beta text toggle. (Vsync is used to not limit your FPS to 60).

Quick Toggles:

     Quick toggles are any mobile or controller player's best friends. While it isn't possible to place these UI elements on the HUD screen yet, they are at the top left of the settings screen and are easier to access. The top row of buttons allow mobile users to quickly switch between first and third person without the dropdown and scrolling getting in the way.

Quality Of Life Changes:

The quality of life changes include:

  • ➤ Clear water view distance
  • ➤ Shorter "tall" flowers (sunflowers, roses, tall grass, etc)
  • ➤ 5 sided dirt (grass) path blocks
  • ➤ Live Clock and compass in the inventory screen
  • ➤ Start screen revamp
  • ➤ Chest Screen addons
  • ➤ Armor and offhand slots on inventory hotbar
  • ➤Transparent spyglass
  • ➤Transparent pumpkin
  • ➤Drop Item Slots
  • ➤ (And many small details)

Plus Packs:

Currently, there is only one "Plus Pack" for bedrocktimize. To apply Bedrocktimize "Plus Packs" you need to have these listed above all your other packs as shown below. A game restart is required after adjusting the subpack options.

Advanced Render Distance:

  • This plus pack can be downloaded below. You can now set your advanced render distance with subpacks to be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 chunks. Your default render distance (the one found in settings) will need to be at 6 chunks. This option is mainly for severe cases of lag. Entities and blocks apparently do not render behind fog which gives a pretty significant FPS boost. This is a plus pack so it can remain optional. (1 chunk is the default, slide the slider left to any desired number 1-5)

(The image above is showcasing one chunk)

How to install:


A Letter To Content Creators And Youtubers:


You may review my pack IF you follow these steps:

➤ Include the MCPEDL link in the description (NO MEDIAFIRE)

➤ Leave credits to my Twitter or youtube channel (found above)

***IIf you break these basic rules I will file a copyright complaint***

Addon Creators:

➤ Please do not reupload any packs or worlds with Bedrocktimize files. If you use any of my files it takes away from MY pack that I worked hard on making.

Select version for changelog:


Known Issues:

  • Advanced render distance plus pack does not currently work for some devices.
  • The information button does not work on mobile devices.
  • Paperdoll on the start screen can not be spinned.
  • Language file comments get flagged as errors.
  • Mobile devices may experience a wave of content log errors upon opening settings. (Turn content logs off to avoid lag).
  • Mojang disabled vsync for some versions of windows.



Bug FIxes:

  • Mob effects are once again present in the inventory.
  • Quick attachment hotbar is once again available in the creative inventory.
  • The start screen now displays the correct bedrocktimize version.
  • Quick attachment hotbar now uses a horizontal stack panel.
  • Fixed a few duplicated textures.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that removed item names above hotbar.
  • Removed unused HUD code to prevent future errors.
  • Removed unused classic inventory code to prevent future errors.
  • Dirt (Grass) paths now pull their side texture from the top for texture pack compatibility.
  • Temporarily(?)) removed borderless glass textures for resource pack compatibility until a better method is found.


  • Clock and Compass overlay is no longer available on hud.
  • Moved Clock and Compass Overlay to Inventory Screen.
  • Added "Drop one item" inventory slot.
  • Added "Drop stack items" inventory slot.
  • Classic inventory stats panel now has a dedicated panel.


Once you hit the download you will be directed to adfly. Once you are there wait 10-15 seconds and you will be redirected to mediafire. Don't click any advertisments and deny all notification options.

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Please add realm support
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Is there a reason why Bedrocktimize make the tall grass short?
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Like can you make that an option?
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Pls, restore previous compass hud feature! Why its on inventory now? Is there a good reason for it?
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When I clicked the link, now it will send me to linkvertise and directly send to mediafire...
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Please update to version 1.17.41, it is very good, the add-on drastically raises the pfs of minecraft, and I am going to high fps and with this add-uuff too many, I like your character to be seen when opening chests, but you could put that see transparent the background when opening a chest to see if any mouse comes to you when you lute in the skywars xd

PD: I am using a translator so sorry if there is any spelling mistake xd.
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This mod is garbage, it doesn't improve anything.
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This is great but in the recommendation it need particles render distance to be set to minimum but there is no option to do that can you put that option on next update
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The "plus pack" download link on the external website, goes to the regular berdocktimize download.
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Where's the set so the blade won't be short
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I like the previous version of bedrocktimize bc of the compass/clock overlay but, i prefer those two to put them above the hudbar experience bar i mean... Not to mention the new version of bedrocktimize is actually quite good. But I wonder why the compass)clock overlay remove and put them at the inventory, it's kinda annoying u always open ur inventory just to look at the compass idk who gives that idea or suggested... :/
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Dang, the plus pack doesnt shows the amount of fog tht shows in the pic, i was pretty disappointed cuz o thought i could finally add thicc fog in my zombie apocalypse world 😕. Overall a really great addon or texture pack idk!!!
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Good Pack!
Nice Download it here: https://
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Nice Update! It's Amazing, the v9 is Really Bad, now i found this pack Again.

You got ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me
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