Published on December 28, 2019 (Updated on January 09, 2020)

XP Storage Addon


Ever want to store you XP in minecraft but can't? Tired of dying and losing your 30 levels because a creeper snuck behind you? Well you're in luck because the XP Storage addon is here to help!


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  1. Fixed Links
  2. Added particles for visuals
  3. Fix an issue that removed the XP bottle texture
  4. Updated XP removal sound


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Does it works in 1.20.70?
I can’t craft the Experience Block. I’ve tried dozens of times to do so, but it just won’t work. Can you please fix it?
It works on 1.17
is it possible for it to work on 1.17
one way to find out
uhh how much does it store?
Still working, even on multi-player / realms.
It's really useful, in case you die u still have your xp. But using this add on with XP Farms is too op. You get 600 XP levels from one single potato XP farm when u put your XP every time back in a bottle. Otherwise it's a good add on and does what it promised. :D
Thank you for all your hard work. But you addon has never worked for me, will you be updating it for 1.17 or 18?
Does this work on latest versions? If not can you make updated versions?
Rip on 1.16.0
I think you can upgrade it, you could make the bottle absorb xp points (not levels), maybe one bottle absorb 160 xp points equal to 10 levels, for me that could be great
it didnt work for me
Guest-6989979948 May 08, 2020 at 6:05 pm
Pls, you can make the tank absorb the levels when hit it with a xp bottle?.
Very good addon