Quieter Sounds Resource Pack

Quieter Sounds are resource packs that allow to player to make some things quieter while keeping the rest normal without the need to turn down your volume. These resource packs make many things quiet. For example, quieter Nether Portals, Water, Enderman, Ghasts, Cows, Villagers, Minecarts, Pistons, Fire, Dispensers, and Droppers.

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  • Added Adfly links for Separated Files, Combined Files, and Test Sounds World


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Actually I like this but can you make the stonecutter sound quiter or even muted when used, especially in bedrock we can't quick craft it. Tnx
I'm sorry to disappoint you but I was not able to change the volume of the file at all because it is a .fsb file.

I found this from somewhere.

The .fsb (or "FMOD Sound Bank) file format is not designed to be edited or viewed by end users.

To begin with, it is a ‘built’ format, meaning that it cannot be opened and edited as you would a document; Rather, you would need access to use original .fdp (“FMOD Designer Project”) file, as well as all the audio files used to create that project, to build new versions of each .fsb file you wanted to replace.

Many game developers do not want end users to have ready access to their audio assets, and do not intentionally make their assets available. To this end, we do not create or distribute tools that could be used to extract the content from .fsb files. In addition, FMOD Designer allows developers to encrypt their bank files; Developers can make use of this feature to prevent .fsb files from being opened with even third-party tools.

Thus, if you want to edit the .fsb files of a game, you must contact that game’s developer and ask them for legal permission, the game’s original audio assets, the Designer project files they used, and any encryption key used for that project.

This means that I am not able to access or edit the file. I am sorry.
this is from bedrock tweaks and not his. he copied the entire pack. all he did was to combine the packs. FAKER WHY SHALL I CREDIT YOU
I did not steal anything. All I simply did was change the volume of some of the sounds.
He didnt steal fool
Well Yes but this pack allows you to change certain sounds while keeping the rest at a normal volume.
cant you just turn down your volume?