Rainbow Breaking Animation

Do you wish the breaking animation was a rainbow? Then this texture pack is for you. This simply changes the black breaking effect into 10 different colored destroy stages. This does not change the breaking animation. It only changes the color of the breaking animation. This works with any tool or block. It doesn't change the particle color when breaking a block.

Orange destroy stage 1

Yellow destroy stage 2

Light Green destroy stage 3

Green destroy stage 4

Light Blue Destroy stage 5Blue Destroy stage 6

Dark Blue Destroy stage 7

Purple destroy stage 8
Pink destroy stage 9

Red destroy stage 10

This texture pack was made by Minecraft pro 672. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Added It doesn't change the particle color when breaking a block in the introduction
  • Added mcpack and zip for file verification
  • Added mcpack and zip files for IOS and android


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  • Adfly Mediafire download
  • Minecraft-pro-672s-Rainbow-Breaking-Animation-1_1592591206.zip
  • Minecraft-pro-672s-Rainbow-Breaking-Animation_1592591206.mcpack

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yo Minecraft pro 672 can I use ur pack in my pack pls and wont worry ill give credit 😀
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i mean it worked, what can i say.
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i mean if u go to novaskins and just search up breaking animation u can find this
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This is copying gamerboy80's destroy stage
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That’s java. Nice to know
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It is not about how hard and how long it takes for you to create something, It is about the original *Idea* which seems you stole it...
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U ain't the real Creator, u just stole it and say its ur's and even put a ad-fly link...like dude..
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This guys mission is to put 1 stars under every mcpedl.com submission?
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This exact breaking effect was on cosmic client v3
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