Published on April 24, 2021 (Updated on March 13, 2024)

Ramadan Craft V5 The Structure Update 1.20.0+

Ramadan Craft Add-on is here!! After hard working on this add-on It's finally out now you can get Ramadan lanterns and Ramadan decorations and much more in your Minecraft worlds with this add-on

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That's all for now!! Ramadan Craft V6?? Sure!!!!!

RC v5.0 Bug Fixes: 

  • Man & woman no longer become zombie-infected [Fix]
  • Fixed man & woman coding errors [Fix]
  • Msa7araty no longer becomes zombie-infected [Fix]
  • Fixed Msa7araty & Sheikh coding errors [Fix]
  • Sheikh no longer becomes zombie-infected [Fix]
  • Fixed Sheikh's weird standing animation [Fix]
  • Fixed Palm Wood recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed double palm slabs act like half a block when standing on them [Fix]
  • Crafting palm slabs now gives you 6 instead of 4 [Fix]
  • Palm wood is now used in all recipes that need wood [Fix]
  • Fixed Ramadan crafter not displaying recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed the Ramadan crafter name above the crafting grid.
  • Fixed Ramadan Crafters rotation [Fix]
  • Fixed Ramadan Crafters glithcing textures [Fix]
  • Fixed Fire Cracker recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed Small Firecracker coding errors [Fix]
  • Fixed regular Firecracker coding errors [Fix]
  • Reworked the plates for a more optimized code [Fix]
  • Fixed Khoshaf Cup not being placed when trying to place one [Fix]
  • Fixed an error that made the Khoshaf Cup not edible [Fix]
  • Fixed Msaleyas recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed Emam Block collision box errors [Fix]
  • Fixed Msaleyas collision box errors [Fix]
  • Changed how Msaleya renders in the game to fix texture glitching [Fix]
  • Fixed decoration blocks recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed Fizz Bottles recipes [Fix]
  • Ramadan Decoration's hit box has been increased to 16x16 (full block) [Fix]
  • Deco Light's hit box has been increased to 16x16 (full block) [Fix]
  • Fixed food recipes [Fix]
  • Khoshaf no longer has a cooldown after eating [Fix]

Check out the in-game changelog for the full list of bug fixes and improvements!!!!


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Masyaallah brother hope you guys fast full in this ramadhan years 🙏
best thing people have done in Minecraft
Adhan sound is not working
interact with the mic stand to play; its not time-based yet
Can you update the version?
downloaded it and was a with json files and no downloadable content. please help.
What is this pack? you have no pictures or even any listing of what it does.
And yes I know what ramadon is.
Legofan256™️ May 17, 2023 at 1:46 pm
lolzzz of the sussy October 14, 2022 at 1:20 am
For some reason the I can't plant the palm sapling.Can you fix this?
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Stop your scam, that just makes money for u not for creator.
Get away from this site,shameless and greedy thief
alahuakbar!!! someone made something of ramadan
Опа это наверное первый мод с религией Ислам
I don't remember a Mosque having a cannon whatsoever.
Not bad brother not bad at all