Published on February 24, 2021 (Updated on February 24, 2021)

Rayth Skyblock

Skyblock based off the original with some changes to make it both harder and easier to complete! With a custom Wandering Trader and modified piglin bartering, 4 overworld islands, an end portal and numerous nether islands for you to discover.

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changed feature image so it is not just a logo


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Just so everyone is aware, a new version is under construction. Complete overhaul of the system to accomodate the new 1.17 features and make it so minimal changes are needed to update to 1.18
I really like the map, but I have this problem where i built my nether portal at y level 3 (I built it there because I moved my base for slime spawns) but when I went in the portal I spawn and y level 3 in the nether and instantly die. How can I put myself in creative and save myself? I’m on Xbox 1 and it not allowing me to change game modes.

When I look up while falling in the nether I see the platform I was supposed to spawn on so I think this is some kind of glitch with the y levels.
On xbox I don't think it's possible. You could try uploading the world to a realm (30 day trial if you haven't used it yet) and do it that way? Due to how skyblock maps work if you build a portal at a different y level it will create a new one at that level. You can do the same in normal minecraft having multiple portals at different Y levels to go up and down