Published on November 15, 2021 (Updated on December 02, 2021)

Realistic Explosions (1.18.0)

This add-on is trying to make the explosions in your world more realistic changing the physics of them.Custom blocks are allowed but their will not get  textures as "IMPACTED BLOCK"

                    - Warning -

Once you turn on this addon the explosions in your world will change


-Gametest Framework [TURN ON]

-Holiday Creator Features [Turn on]

-Experimental Molang Features [TURN ON]


             - KNOWLEDGE -

An impacted block is the entity that will be thrown once an explosion success. They save the current block states even if it's a custom block

 Once an impacted block hits the ground it'll become into its respective block again (With the same block states)

-The explosion needs to cause 2 impacted blocks as minimum to work.

If a block is not allowed (see the black list) the explosion doesn't generate an Impacted block. It'll simply be destroyed as usual (This also applies if the explosion doesn't impact more than 1 block)


-There are Vanilla blocks that aren't allowed in this add-on 

BLACK LIST: ["composter", "snow_layer", "crafting_table", "loom", "cactus", "sand", "unpowered_comparator", "end_rod", "lightning_rod", "unpowered_repeater", "powered_comparator", "powered_comparator", "monster_egg", "undyed_shulker_box", "trapped_chest", "tnt", "stonecutter_block", "stonecutter", "soul_campfire", "smoker", "dropper", "dispenser", "skull", "chest", "barrel", "shulker_box", "furnace", "lit_blast_furnace", "lit_smoker", "bed", "blast_furnace", "anvil", "beacon", "bell", "brewing_stand", "camera", "campfire", "ender_chest", "hopper", "jukebox", "redstone_wire", "mob_spawner", "glow_frame", "frame", "netherite_block", "gravel", "cauldron", "scaffolding", "lantern", "soul_lantern", "lectern", "torch", "soul_torch", "sea_pickle", "lever", "cartography_table", "fletching_table", "smithing_table", "tripwire_hook", "wall_banner", "redstone_torch", "standing_banner"]

-Custom blocks are allowed but will not have a texture as an impacted block



-works with any source of explosion even if it is from another addon (Creepers, TNT,TNT MINECART, FIREBALLS, WITHER SKULLS,ETC)



As y'all know there's a lot of blocks in Minecraft that means there's possibility that I've not noticed of any block, if you see any block that have no  texture lemme know


This Addon is a gift [email protected]_SASALELE

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Now works in 1.18.0 (Official)







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4.75 / 5 (8 votes)
Awsome, but can you add to what is that entity a more clean UI for vision and a what is that block to it Kinda feature?
Hola a todos, no entiendo muy bien la discusión de todo lo que dijeron allí, Juaneitor es un gran creador he visto addons interesantes en él, bueno si tiene errores tal vez lo solucione, pero dejen de criticar demasiado ,hacer este tipo de addons es complejo además de que en Java pueden hacer cosas increíbles con comandos que en Bedrock es difícil y no es lo mismo, aún no pruebo su trabajo, pero lo veo bien hecho, hasta luego y apoyense mucho :D
Doesn't work it does nothing i thought this update will fix it but not for me
yoo one of the best addons so cool. it kinda shows how realistic minecraft can get.
Great addon, I’ll suggest it to some people.
Great but get rid of shadows for them and try to get rid of the name of the block showing above the head and make a tornado addon/mod please do it do it make a tornado
He cannot remove the shadows because those are entities
Hey, was it meant to be this laggy when the explosions cause realistic effects like this?
If so, could you please maybe optimise it a bit more?
1. Explosions cause lag
2. Like sand, the blocks turn into entities when blown up
3. More entities = More lag
4. Everything will depend on how much explosions you want and how much debris there will be.
YOO, Java mod dev here, and I know nobody asked me, but I’d like to say I make a lot of personal mods for friends, I’ve made one like this that is able to have textures for even custom blocks, and it’s more laggy than this, so unless you want more blocks blacklisted, then I’d suggest you just enjoy that it actually works, It took me about a week or two for mine, and it’s still not perfect, the physics aren’t as good as this addon, and it’s an ADDON FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE! So maybe don’t complain about lag, sorry, it’s just that things like this ticks me off, at least it doesn’t make your game drop by 50 FPS like mine does. (Just a person who understands the struggle of modding, thanks for reading I guess)
Also, the addon is great, but this guy’s passive aggressive quote of “Was it meant to be this laggy” is not great. 5/5 stars
Also, don’t give me the “I’m an addon dev too and it’s not thaaaaaaaat haaaa-“ stop right there, you use multiple things that classify you as a self proclaimed addon dev, first of all, you stole textures from other Addons, your “squid wither” is literally not scared of squids, I didn’t even have to download to know that, you already showed in in your clip

Second of all, you used an obvious addon maker, I bet that it didn’t allow custom mobs, am I right? Yes I am, I can tell by your dumb threat of using already existing mobs, and you can’t even reuse mobs right, btw, that’s an insult.

And you make dumb “Addons” that I could literally make using nothing but command blocks, I’ve used commands in my mods before in Java, but that was for things like being able to fuse with other players which would: double your health (/effect health_boost ) then it would give them twice the strength, it would use /scoreboard to detect how far they walked, how many blocks they broke, etc, and that was for upgrading the rate of those things.

Fourth of all, you try to advertise other Addons by replying to comments talking about how terrible your Addons are. So again, nobody asked me, but nobody wanted you to complain about lag when you suck at coming up with creative ideas that both work and aren’t generic things you could do without Addons. (Have a good day man.)
One look in the json of this and I can tell it can be optimized. You don’t know what your doing, stop belittling other people. Geez.
This addon uses GAMETEST to work, json doesn't have the problem (Lag). As for optimization, i did try to do as much as possible and this is the final product :)
And as for the blocks not allowed, they are there because they have a specific geometry and I was tired of registering many blocks lol, that's all
I took a look into main.js. Why do you have so much code in a for loop? Of course it’s going to be laggy. That’s not be best option for this at all, just my honest opinion. If I were you I would save variable values in the for loop them render afterwards.
By the way your calling it "json" I can tell you have no experience in add-ons at all. Please bring your opinion to people who cares.. (No one)
... json is a code file for addons... i dont know how to code but even i know that...
And 2: Stop being hypocritical. All he did was point out something true, stop being rude. Your also just being downright hypocritical because I don’t see you with any better addons.
Chip the bird hater December 04, 2021 at 4:28 am
Did you read what I said? He full on said “was it meant to be this laggy.” Plus I said my mod that did something like this on Java I made for a friend was LAGGIER than this, and I said that I made personal mods for friends, so you aren’t gonna see anything from me soon, “I don’t see you with any better addons” and even when you will it’ll be Java, I’m actually working on a mod that adds 50+ bosses, I’ll make sure that you can be a great critic! Have a good day,
Sheesh everyone calm down and if you think this is bad and it can be better, we’ll then make it yourself if your so much better just respect that this is a great mod