Published on May 31, 2021

Redred Craft Addon v3

Hey guys I'm back again hehehe so today I will realease the new update of Redred craft so yuh this addon is for decoration's only cause you can't interact with the furniture,and also these addon is survival friendly I hope you will enjoy it and please don't forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more addons✌🏻🍃

🌿These addon adds 110+ new furniture and decor for more information visit my YouTube video🌵

🌿and also guys iwell not put all the screen shot of the furniture and decor cause there is alot you can watch my video reviewing it and also don't forget to like and subscribe🌾

🌵I'll just put some screenshots of my build using this addon🌾

Here is the video link.

🍃And also guys ihave a social media the link is in description box 🍃

🌿Screenshot ✔️

That's it guys bubyee love you all❤️God bless you and stay safe always mwahhhh


Plsss don't forget to turn on experimental game play if you don't know how to turn on experimental game play you can watch my video on YouTube


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I really like your furniture they are so detailed and beautiful but please make them functional in next addons like chairs or lamps or anything else, but generally, they are nice 👌
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ta bonito el addon, me gusta UwU y ya me suscribi al canal :3 gracias.
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hey! this mod/addon is probably my favorite addon. its just so perfect. im gonna make a city using this mod for just me and my friends. tysm for the great addon!
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I just love your addons/ mods. I really like all 3 (or future Versions of this) of this for many reasons.
1. It's so easy to download.
2. It's compatible with Windows 10
3. All 3 versions can be used to together
All I want to say Is keep up the great work. 🤍
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LelloTriesAddons May 31, 2021 at 5:22 am
cool add-on, I love the style of the furniture
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