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Published on June 26, 2021

Redred Craft Addon V4

Hi. Welcome back. So today I'm going to release the new update of Redred Cradt so yeah, I hope you enjoyed the addon and please don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel cause I always post my addons on my YouTube channel:

Redred craft addon v4

This addon adds over 80+ new furniture to the game and also this is survival friendly so if you want to know what is the crafting recipe's etc just watch my video reviewing it.

And also guys these furniture addon is for decoration's only cause you can't interact with the furniture

I well not put all of the pictures of the furniture cause there's alot lmao 

So I'll just put the screenshot of me using it on my build.

For more information visit my YouTube description box

And also thank you to hana Ling the creator of hananacraft.thank you hana for allowing me to use some of you're models and Texture.

Credits and information is on my YouTube video description box

That's it ihope you enjoyed the pack 


Please dont forget to turn on experimental game play in order this pack to work


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How the hell do ⟟ use this? My friend told me to type ⏃ command in and now she wont answer me ⏃ few days later when ⟟ asked her again bc it didnt work.
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you need to turn on " Holiday Creator Features: and " Additional Modding Capabilities".
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the mod is good, but you can make it so that the furniture is filled from the inside and it was impossible to pass through it
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dos this work on edu edition
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No i play on edu too, it says you need to turn on experimental gameplay and u cant on edu, I also real want this :(
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