Remote Bombs Addon

Have you ever wanted to have bombs in Minecraft? You may be saying you already have an addon which adds bombs but this one is unique, instead of lighting the bin as the are triggered when you hold a lever (so you can be safe from the explosion!) so what are you waiting for download now!

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  • fixed the burning issue
  • bombs will no longer drop gunpowder


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I really like the mod I got a little carried away and now my world is DEAD but it was fella FUN!
Bruh Change the wall bomb it looks similar to codanraigen more bomb addon change asap or more people will notice it and trashtalking to your addon Change it (this comment is a warning)
It looks like a generic mine, mate. What you're doing is the equivalent of saying somebody who draws a stick figure is ripping off someone else who drew a stick figure. It's idiotic.
Honestly, it was probably the best adon i’ve ever used.
That is kind of sad
¿Como se llaman las minas o como las encuentro? no me aparecen en el inventario
Its good to use when raiding someones base like breach the gate or doors or walls its cool.
Theres a problem the texture of the bombs cannot be seen its kinda weird even if I spawn it.
how do I get the items to my inventory?
Really great addon. The bombs work better than I expected. The nuke is very fun to use. The lever mechanic is really unique and easy to use.
5 out of 5 stars.
good addon. lots of enjoyment
how do i get it?
How do I detonate because I’m holding the lever but nothings happening
I think that instead of having to hold a lever to activate it, you could add another job to act as a remote so that when it is placed down the bombs would explode.
Sorry I meant mob not job.
Just turn on mob griefing. That worked for me.
I'm in and yes, they explode and do damage to mobs when I hold the lever, but they don't break blocks, please fix it.
And yes, I turned on Experimental Gameplay.
There is probably a bug in that version that is causing this problem as this supports 1.11.0, or else it’s something else, sorry to hear that