Sky Children of the Light Addon

The award winning game Sky Children of the Light has been rapidly been gathering popularity among mobile players, So I thought why not add it to Minecraft, so here I present you the Sky Children of the Light.

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  • added all calls from Sky Children of the Light
  • added calls from main constellations
  • added custom fog
  • cape is no longer broken when flying

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I'm unable to download it :(
unable to download :(
红色长角生物:D May 03, 2022 at 10:56 pm
So great :3
I hope this gets a new update for the 1.17 :pog:
Thank you so much for this!!! Can you add the spirits? And maybe a texture for the constellations?
I have spent quite a bit of time away from sky but I am starting to get back into it, so I plan on updating this soon and I will consider what you said I should add
Could you updates this? It looks amazing but doesn't work at 1.16
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sky is an amazing game and it’s so amazing to see it come to minecraft!
This is so unbelievably amazing! I have been playing both sky and Minecraft for years and to see both these worlds collide in such a professional way is stunning. From the textures to the sounds to the animations and the behaviors this addon is by far one of the best available.
Thank you so much Programmer 745! I can’t wait to see how this addon grows and gets better.

The only thing that could be improved is potentially segmenting the models of a few creatures such as the spirit whale and krill/dark dragon, but other than that they are perfect :D
Thanks for the feedback! The way I modelled the krill would be quite hard to add animated segments, but for the spirit whale it would be possible, I will think about doing that in the next update! :)
God, the spirit whale is so beautiful.
What do u use to make your addons??