Published on December 31, 2019

Republic of Saturnistan

The Democratic Republic of Saturnistan is a new country on planet M. This new project, similar to the United States of Urania, but freer, collaborates with those construction lovers who wish to add their creations to this new flat world. Some of the existing constructions have been added from "Buildings for Minecraft" and therefore I do not claim their authorship. If you want to add whatever you want, download, add and contact me!

PD: This world was born as an experiment to create buildings that would later be copied to my main project United States of Urania (U.S.U)


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five star nice cool city
Hey try to make an update to Saturnstain: Make a little town called Titaniy
What happened to the doors?

I would still rate it 5 Star to appreciate your hard work.
Why isn’t it done?
because the idea is that we all collaborate in its creation
Wheres Mercunia or Venua or Earthua or Marsia or Jupiteria or Neptunia or Plutoia???
there is still no one who has conquered those territory XD
Hello, i am The first to comment and i love your creation :)