Published on October 10, 2019 (Updated on April 01, 2020)

Rideable Bees

Ever wanted to ride bees? No? Well.... now you can anyway! Give them some honey to tame then and you're on your way through the skies to a new adventure!

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Updated the pack to be an mcaddon because the original files were corrupted. No other changes.



  • Rideable-Bees_1585713342.mcaddon

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Nice! Worked in Education Edition 1.14.50! But, how do you go higher? You jump to get off, so space doesn't work... Any way to go up?

But love it, noice!
especially wandering trader from marketplace
i didnt know you were on mcpedl
make rideable enderman lol
And I Think It Awsome
My Name Is Justine
i cant get the ridable beeeeees
I can't download it but I have the right version!
It won’t work for my phone
I can’t ride the bees and I’m on
On android now update is available. I have this version
I want to use this add-on, but can't get beta. Whenever I download beta, it is v1.13