Riptide Wars

Welcome to Riptide Wars! This non-automated map takes Minecraft PvP to a new level, with a few maps and a lobby & map select, as well as really fun game mechanics with no rules (at least no rules aren't agreed upon by your 2-5 player party)!

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I just noticed that the title name is not the same as the world name... Removed the funky and unreadable file name. This should be helpful for organization purposes. No updates to the world itself...

I also uploaded the original Riptide Wars world as part of this update! In other words, this page has the links to the modern Riptide Wars and the original version (I mean, what is an update without some real changes)



  • Riptide Wars.mcworld
  • Legacy Riptide Wars Edition #1.mcworld

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This game is great with elytras, it makes the game more fast-paced and you fly faster in the air.
Thanks for the suggestion, but in this minigame, I only want people to use Riptide III tridents. There are already many minigames that are based around elytra (e.x: Skyfall on Mineplex), and I was primarily going for originality in this map.

Other than that, I hope you like Riptide Wars, as this is my very first map I am uploading on any kind of database. There is an update pending as of right now that fixes a couple of issues, so please check on that.

Thanks for commenting!