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Published on February 05, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

RJthecrafter's Smaller Tools Pack v2 (Now with smaller Trident)

Today, I introduce you all to Smaller Tools.
This pack covers all tools and weapons and miscellaneous things.

Make sure to check out my other stuff!
And Check out my YT its "RJthecrafter"

This includes nearly all Tools and Weapons!

It has:-


-And Now Trident

Enjoy the Pack and leave any feedback!

Select version for changelog:


Fixed the download link which used to take to wrong page!


The link will take you to Linnkvertise. Click continue with free access

-Follow the steps given in there

(If it asks to add a browser extension do it and remove it after you have downloaded the file)

After all steps, you will be taken to MediaFire download the file from there.


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Can I use this in a mashup pack I’m working on for myself?
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Take off the browser extension/add-add on its completely broken on linkvertise i reported it recently...they dont care...(im on Xbox)
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