SearMr’s Robot Addon

Have you ever wanted a pet robot that shoots over 3 arrows seconds? Well this addon has it! This introduces to new mobs which do not naturally spawn yet but will be naturally spawning soon say stay tuned, the second mob is very similar to a iron golem but it has 2 stages.

This addon currently implements 2 new mobs that don’t replace any other entity.

The mobs currently in this addon

Giant robot

  • Attacks all hostile mobs apart from creeper
  • has two stages, To get to stage 2 use a nether star
  • Does not spawn often, spawns near rivers

stage one:

  • Health: 100
  • damage: 10

Stage 2:

Health: 200

Damage: 20


  • Tamed with redstone
  • can be bred with gold once tamed
  • can be fed with iron to be turned into a adult if it is a baby
  • can be healed with diamonds
  • attacks with 3-5 arrows every second when tamed, acts very similar to a wolf
  • Spawns near rivers


  • Health:200
  • Attacks with arrows but will be changed in the next update, attacks all hostile mobs 
  • can only be obtained through creative, spawn egg or do /summon searmr:turrent,  will be Changed in next update

If you wish to make a video about this addon you are welcome to just make sure to credit and don’t claim it as your own.

if you find a bug dm on my twitter and Click here to go to my twitter page.

don’t forgot to follow me on Twitter 

also join my discord server for updates on my content

upcoming features: more entities, spawning, custom blocks when released iOS

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Updated texture of robot 

both robot and giant robot spawn naturally 

added new entity, turrent 


iOS: click on and press the share button and press copy to minecraft

android: click on it and click minecraft and press just once

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2.83 / 5 (6 votes)
Where can I find them I even use creative to find a single robot and I did not find a single one can you help me?
The robots are working but why can’t I see them???? Their invisible
I love mods like this ty
This very well but it does not let me grow the Robot to stage 2 with the nether star
What platform do you use?
On mobile you need to long hold on giant robot with nether star or press the power button
Hi Can you create a powerful robot and sound for robots i like but too many problems i rate 3 star
I dont think any robot addon will ever be better than redstone mechanic