Published on January 05, 2020 (Updated on October 04, 2020)

Room Escape

What would you do if you were locked in a room... And your only memory was that you needed to escape! This map is inspired by the point-and-click adventure games. In this map, you are investigating the past of Charles Reolosus. Upon entering his old factory, you realise that you are locked in and you need to escape. Read the various journals scattered about to learn more about the predicament you are now in.

***IMPORTANT*** Be sure to only rename papers, or else this map will most certainly break!

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Hopefully fixed all the bugs

Added one more area to escape

Added multiple endings that are supposed to work - if they don't, please comment!


  • Room-Escape_Update2_1601733174.mcworld
  • Room Escape.mcworld

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Where is the last stick? I dont get this
Guest-1045374728 May 19, 2020 at 9:11 am
Hi! I really wanna play your map but when I download your file it’s empty :( Would you be able to upload it in ZIP format? I usually have a better chance with a ZIP file. Thanks so much!!!
Guest-9033259560 May 14, 2020 at 3:17 pm
I there the paper renamed 9032 onto the floor but nothing happened?
Um it says the download T^T
Me again, the link gives me an empty map. Fix this somehow please?
So my friends and I absolutely love your maps! For the past three nights we’ve been chatting for hours and playing your escape no. 1, no. 2, and this map. We’ve yet to finish any of them though, but it is currently 3:00am and I’m terrified of this map. I opened the door at the end of the hall in the doctor’s office and nearly screamed, and then ran out of the room. Then it showed up again in room 9, and we found the book saying NOT to go into room 9, so I made my friend open all the doors. Now it’s 3:01 am and my friend goes while I’m hiding in a corner she says “DANG HE REALLY SPOOKY”

We love your maps and hope you keep making them!

- Magenta Wenesday, chaotic friend group who does not know what they’re doing

(Also please make some walkthroughs I am so bad at this)
I'm happy you like my maps! Unfortunately I have no experience with making videos, but I will try...
This map was so hard and i beat it the only thing that i never understand was the code for the laboratory
And i think there's something connected to the numbers on the wall? Where the NUMBER 5 WAS COLORED BY RED!
You thought the red 5 was a clue, but it was me, Dio!
haha just kidding. sort of.
That true hint was that 3 of the numbers were light grey instead of black. the red 5 was just to throw you off.
Hey, I'm stuck after unlocking that room with observer and item frame, what do I have to do there
Lo mismo me pasa que hay que hacer?
You need to use your night vision but when you broke the oak woods already by an iron axe. USE YOUR NIGHT VISION AND THEN THE NUMBER IN THE SIGN WILL APPEAR WHICH IS 9036 OR 9032 IS THERE (IDK I FORGOT THE NUMBER IS..) THEN RENAME THE PAPER 9036 OR 9032 (idk i forgot the number is) AND WHEN YOU'RE DONE THROW IT THEN GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN YOU CAN SEE THE TRAP DOOR WAS OPENED TO THE ANOTHER CHEST THEN YOU CAN FIND THE LAMP IN THE CHEST RIGHT THERE AND PLACE THE LAMP TO THE OBSERVER SO THE ANOTHER DOOR WILL OPEN. The Observer is on another room and can just look to the top area of the room you can find the observer right there . (you can find this room where the key is used to unlock that door.) I HOPE YOU UNDETSTAND! Enjoy! :)
was i supposed to make a pickaxe or a normal axe
hey, map is awesome but, can you please tell me, what's a "totalcost" code and I don't understand where to put it. thx
I know the answer 100- (12 x 6 ) = 28

The answer is 28 rename the paper 28 :)
Where do I throw this piece of paper? I threw it in the item hopper and it disappeared but nothing happened
Where do I throw this piece of paper? I threw it in the item hopper and it disappeared but nothing happened?
Underneath that sign there is a shulker box. There is an order form and you solve it. It is something like a math equation
It really bothers me when people leave bad reviews because of a texture pack glitch, or something small like that. If the entire map was horrible then yeah, its fine. But a small bug? Nah☹. I have to update the textures as I go along, and sometimes I forget something. So if there is a problem, let me know, because I will try to fix it!
Guest-9100993053 May 09, 2020 at 8:17 pm
my file when i try to download it says 0 Kb and fails to download... did i do it wrong or.... plz help, this looms so fun and i would love to try it
is there supposed to be a texture pack cause it didn’t download with one
Are there any jump scares
Is this a horror map
Is this horror