Published on August 18, 2019 (Updated on August 22, 2019)

Therealechonox's Puzzle No. 1

This is my little puzzle map. Your goal is to escape this big building, full of twists, tricks, and secrets. Some parts are harder than others, but it has been tested and is 100% beatable. The most important tool is the glass cutter, as all kinds of secrets as well as aspects of the map are in the windows! And finally, watch out for Rustle... and sorry in advance for the bad ending XD

The glass cutter is near scaffolding, for those of you who are lost. If you need help, or want me to change something please ask!

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Fixed random missing blocks around the map to improve map quality


  • Puzzle1.mcworld

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I can't open the mcworld file. It says the importation failed.
Can anyone tell me what to do with deth bushh and what to do after when I fire up the campfire where we enter using mine cart
After Piston in lava arrow room, where is the piston when i turn the arrow?
Guest-7728406281 May 17, 2020 at 1:29 pm
Where do I find the ded bushh?

I’m stuck in the room with the fireplace and fountain that goes down into the basement
So most of you seem to be confused about the redstone room. Well its just the room with the redstone puzzle! There is an extra repeater that seems useless, that is the one you need.
Um I think I know what room but which repeater is it
Well, I’m stuck on the room with is riiight next to the testing facility, with the sign saying “have I seen a Minecraft somewhere?”. I dunno where to find the Minecarts. I also have one leftover repeater, which can be placed on diamond, and two buttons which can be placed on emerald blocks.
the minecart is the one you used before to get in the dungeon with the fireplace. question where is redstone room and hoow to get there?
the minecart is the one you used before to get into the dungeon withe the fireplace. question: Where’s the red stone room?
Use the minecart from the room with the stunrod
the minecart is the one that you used before. Where's the redstone room/how to get there?
I beat the game gg good map
Should everything work? Idk maybe you should make sure everything does
Been walking around in circles now in the testing facility with the rails and doors that lead back to the same room.. How do I get out? Where’s the red stone room? And what am I supposed to do with a pig spawn egg?
Where is the redstone dust?? I Went into creative and still couldnt find it.
When you first get out of the starting room and go up the stairs the 2 windows that are on the stairs break the one that doesn’t have the... thing in it.
I can’t get out of the room where you can find the glass cutter. I found the ded bushh and received a shield but I don’t know what I have to do now? Help pleasee
I have the same issue...what do I do with the shield and where is the red stone dust
Can you help me in the room with the lights, bridge and stairs levers? I got all the levers and flicked them but I can’t figure out what to do next.
I am a bit stuck. What do you do after u turn on the fireplace in the dungeon????
I am a bit stuck. i have lit the fireplace in the dungeon but idk what to do next.