Published on January 14, 2022

Royal Scrolls UI

Royal Scrolls UI retextures all screen textures in every section of Minecraft to give it a better look and feel without being too invasive and creating unfamiliarity. It is compatible with ALL versions of Minecraft.



Royal Scrolls UI is a project I have been working on for nearly a month, I wanted something that was more clean, uniform, and better looking. During this month I spent dozens of hours searching through UI textures to find every single texture possible. It totals out to around 601 files being changed and I had to sort through well over 1400 files to ensure I was using the correct ones. While these screenshots are not of the MCPE version, I also made sure that this would function on MCPE and all of its textures have also been changed.

If you find any texture that hasn't been edited, looks weird, or think needs some touch-ups, please let me know

Play Screen


Settings Screen


World Selection


Cartographer's Table

Smithing Table

Furnace, Smoker, Blast Furnace

Brewing Stand



Enchanting Table



Trading Screen





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