Ruined Portal and Taiga Village (Seed)

When I was testing out some addons, I managed to stumble upon a taiga village and a ruined portal. Please notice that it is very far away from spawn and that you would need to walk a few hundred blocks to get to it. Some details I noticed about the portal was that it had fallen other, and lava was bubbling in the center. The village supplies a number of beds so you wont have to go hunting for sheep.

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Apparently it is not far from spawn, but i added coordinates 

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me gusta... pero hay una semilla un poco mejor, la semilla es: 40404040, sonara absurdo esa semilla :v, pero contiene una aldea de pradera, al borde de savanah y un desierto, no creo que sea la semilla del año, pero ahi esta el dato. Gracias.
well apparently it took me a few blocks to get to the taiga