Published on June 09, 2020

Run Down Faire

This is just a hunger games map. But it's a lot better, there are a lot more things you can discover or find. There are four kingdoms the Medieval Kingdom, the Mooshroom Kingdom, the Jungle Kingdom, and the Forest Kingdom.



  • Run Down Faire.mcworld

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Wow! Impressive! Sometimes, it teleports you outside the map where the command blocks and chests of name tags (???) are. (when u die.) Plz fix??? And update, so glad I got this map!
We left this project behind after uploading it here and ended up not fixing the bugs. But recently, we started working on it again, removing all the bugs, adding more features (grace period, deathmatch), and overall making it all work better. Idk when we'll be releasing it since we're still making maps. If you are still interested in a more polished version of this map, I can reply here again once I upload the new map.
says woops doesnt work please try again doesnt work.
Please fix it teloport me outside